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  • 19th Aug 2020

Vastu Tips | For Joy And Happiness

Vastu Shastra is an art and science of Living. Vastu provides us with an excellent opportunity to bring peace, power, happiness, and prosperity in our life. One can achieve all these by balancing five elements, which are water, air, earth, fire, and space.

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Vastu is not rocket science. One can achieve the desired result, just by following some fundamental principles of Vastu shastra. Vastu helps to bring peace, prosperity, happiness, and help to attain harmonious relations among the family members.
Vastu dosha in your office, home or at your workplace may destroy the peace and positivity of that place.

Vastu expert Sunil Mehtani suggests some fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness in one's life. One should adhere to the following Vastu principles to bring joy and happiness in life.

1- Make provision of your bedroom in the south-west direction of your home. Make sure your head is towards the south direction at the time of sleeping.

2- North-east direction is best to offer a prayer or to chant Mantra, for yoga. Keep this area light as far as possible. Keep this area neat and clean. Do not place useless and heavy items here. You can keep your bank paper, testimonial, important paper here.

3- The best place for a kitchen in the house is the south-east direction or north-west direction. At the time of cooking place a stove in such a way that while cooking your face must be towards east direction. Kitchen Vastu

Keep your home or office neat and clean. Make sure things or item which could not be used more than one year and are useless throw them.

5- Color your home or office according to the Vastu principle. Vastu Shastra also suggests proper colours for all directions or even it suggests colour for bedroom, Pooja Ghar, kitchen etc.

6- According to Vastu Shastra green colour is best for north direction. The yellow colour is best for North-East. Red or red family colour is best for south. blue and black colour for west direction.

7- Plan more open space in East direction. Place some small plant and colourful flowers here.

8- To purify the air and enthusiastic environment, make your surrounding green. Planting more trees and making lawns in front of our home or workplace bring grace, happiness, beauty and brightness.

9- If your expenses are increasing day by day or you have to bear unexpected costs, Check your north direction. Place a Kuber Yantra in this North direction.

10- To make your life more healthy and joyful place a live plant in the living room.

11- If you are facing any problem in a relationship, check your bedroom. Make sure your bedroom is neat and clean to avoid useless things in your bedroom. Check the placement of the mirror; it should not be at just opposite your bed. Cover exposed mirror in the bedroom. Bedroom Vastu
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12- Decorate the entrance door beautifully.

13- Surroundings make a significant impact on your health and peace of mind. Make open space in the East, North-East, or North direction as far as possible. Plant green grass, small plants at the east, northeast or north direction of your home.

14- If any of your children want to go abroad to study or a job or a marriageable daughter in your home, then make provision of their bedroom in north-west direction.

15- Make study room for the children in the East, North-East or North direction of your home. Make sure at the time of study your child should face towards East, North-East, or North direction.

Study room Vastu:- Vastu suggests in detail about the study room and even study table. To read in detail Vastu Shastra for study room click here.

16- To absorb the negative energy or to prevent the negative energy to enter your home, place a doormat near the Entrance Gate.

17- Keep Centre place (Brahmstana) of your home free of Construction. Do not place heavy object here.

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