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Best Vastu Tips for Bathroom

Time had gone when the Bathroom & toilet were not the portions of the home, except in royal families. One ought to take a bath in a river or pond. Vastu Shastra did not recommend the combined toilet & Bathroom in the house. But now the considerable price & lack of area force us to make joined the Bathroom and toilet. Presently the combined Bathroom and toilets become an essential room in residence. After all, bath reinvigorates and rejuvenates our body, soul & mind. Vastu Shastra compliance bathroom delivers success, prosperity, expansion, peace, comfort, happiness, harmony, progress, disease free-living & joyful life.

Vastu Shastra principle for attached Bathroom & toilet

  1. East direction is the most suitable Place but solely for Bathroom Do not build a toilet here.
    The next best area for the Bathroom is the Northwest direction in the house.

  2. You may make provision of the toilet in the Northwest zone.

  3. Always keep the bathroom neat and clean.

  4. Make slope of the floor towards North, Northeast or East direction

  5. Make provision of fittings for drained water in the Northeast of Bathroom.

  6. Fit all the taps & shower in the north wall in the Bathroom.

  7. Fix the Geyser in the southeast corner of the Bathroom.

  8. Set the bath-tub in the East corner of the Bathroom.

  9. Use Blue, Yellow, Green & light colors on the bathroom wall

  10. Make provision of Washbasin in the Northeast corner of the Bathroom.

  11. Windows or ventilators are most beneficial in the east or north wall.

  12. The Northwest corner of the Bathroom is most desirable to Store unwashed clothes.

  13. The most suitable area to keep the washing machine is in the Northwest or southeast corner.

  14. Place the Mirrors in the north or east walls of the Bathroom.

  15. Do not build the Bathroom near the entrance, kitchen, pooja room, or bedroom.

  16. Always keep the door of the bathroom close.

  17. You may keep the small plant also in the Bathroom.

Follow the Principles of Vastu Shastra for Bathroom, toilet or attached toilets-Bathroom to avoid financial losses, diseases, health problems, mental stress, etc.
The most suitable place for the toilet is the Northwest direction of the home.

  • Construct the toilet above ground level.
  • Keep the proper distance between the toilet and the kitchen/Dining room. It must be far away from the puja room.
  • Place toilet seat in Northwest facing towards North or South.
  • Make a window in the toilet in the North or East wall.
  • Do not construct the toilet under the stairs.