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Best Tips Vastu for Stairs

Vastu for Stairs: Stairs become an essential place in an apartment, for smooth movements for one floor to another floor. Some options to stairs are the lift or elevators, stairlift, and inclined moving walkways as well as stationary inclined sidewalks. But the importance & availability of stairs you cannot minimize. Failure of these systems (mechanical fault or failure of electric power) makes the stairs as an essential part of HOME. Three possible sections for the stair are square, circular, and rectangular. However, In modern times, many types of stairs are in circulation.

Why Staircase Vastu is important?

Stairs, according to  Stairscasse Vastu Shastra principles, not only bring harmony, peace in mind & financial stability but the further emphasis on smooth movement from one level to another quickly, easily, comfortably & safely.

Expected Defects Due To Non-Compliance of Vastu Principles of Staircase Vastu

To put it differently, if you do not follow the principles of Vastu Shastra for stairs, it may cause various mishappenings in the house from time to time. It may be like mental/physical illness, financial instability, tension, family conflicts, etc. So it is essential to realize the principles of Vastu Shastra for stairs.

Best Tips-Vastu Shastra for Staircase

1- Staircase location as per Vastu: The best location and direction for the staircase as per Vastu is in the South, west, or Southwest. Stairs in the Northeast (Ishaan) would create problems with your finance. So you must avoid stairs in Northeast (Ishaan) and Brahmasthana.
You must sure that there should be proper lights & ventilations on Stairs.

2- Vastu Shastra recommends East or North facing doors on stairs. Doors must be fixed at the starting and ending point of stairs.

3- Clockwise Staircase: The staircase must turn towards right i.e. from left to right only. In other words, Stairs should always be clockwise. So the best turning is from east to south, south to west, west to north and north to east.

4- The stairs in the Brahmasthana: The stairs in the Brahmasthana (center of the house), are inauspicious. You must avoid Stairs just opposite to the entrance.

5- Stairs outside the house: The Staircase outside the house must not cross the main door.

6- Do not build any room ie Pooja room, kitchen, bathroom, study room, or safe under the Stairs.

7- How many rises in Staircase?: Rises should be in odd no. that is to say, these should not be in even no. According to Vastu Shastra rules for the staircase, divide the number of stairs (rises) by 3, forget quotient, if the remainder comes out to be 2, the stair is of best. so a number of steps should be 5, 11, 17, etc are best. Paints of staircase:- light colors but avoid black & Red colors.

8- The uppermost stairs should be covered with a roof called Mumty for safety purposes.

9- You must Avoid a circular staircase: Avoid a circular staircase. Keep the staircase always in good working condition. Repair staircase immediately or it may cause mental tension, family conflicts, physical injuries, etc.

10- You should start & reach a new floor with your right foot.

11- Avoid common stairs for going Upstairs as well as for going to the basement.

12- A patient should not be kept in the room where stairs start or end.


Besides the above recommendations of Vastu Shastra for Staircase, a good staircase should be provided with a handrail to provide assistance, comfort, and safety to the users.
Finally, in simple words, Vastu compliance stairs bring prosperity and all-round progress.


Now, you have all the necessary knowledge on the staircase Vastu. I expect and believe that you will now be capable of built the stairs in your home, a Vastu compliant one.


Thank you for your valuable time.


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