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Vastu for Study Room

Nowadays, parents have a problem that their children do not pay attention to studies.


Some parents are also upset because their child studies a lot but forgets soon after reading.


Some parents are also upset because their children work hard, but the outcome is Zero.


If you are also troubled by these problems, then this article is going to very beneficial for you.


There may be different reasons for the above problems, but one big reason that you must pay attention to is that there may be some Vastu defects in the study room of your house.



Study Room Vastu | How it is helpful?


If the study room in your house is according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, then your children can do well in studies and can also do good results in competition. Study Room Vastu will clearly show a good effect on their mind and health.

Education plays a vital role in social life. In today's throat cut competition, all are concerned regarding the educational probabilities of their kids. Now, knowledge is earned not only for being taught but for getting a job. To get a job, each student receives coaching in a prestigious school, college to obtain achievement in the study. Despite this, some attain success by getting excellent marks, but some face failure. As a consequence, such students convert more sufferers of depression and nervousness.


Study Room Vastu: Study Room Vastu is a science-based on some systems. It performs an essential role in attaining achievement in children's education. The parents must take care of teaching, coaching, etc. but further follow the guidelines provided by Vaastu Shastra for Study Room Vastu. Study room as per Vastu Shastra influence one learning and provide a healthy life.

If your Study Room in your house is not according to the Vaastu Shastra, then in such a condition, some changes can be made in the interior decoration of that kid's Study Room to make kids Room Vastu compliance.


9 Vastu Tips for Study Room

Vastu Tips for Vastu for the study room are the following:--


1.- The Best place and position of the study room 


The best place for the study room in any home is the East, North, North-East, and West. These directions enhance concentration, curiosity; besides this, these directions increase in new plans, memory power, clarity of goal in children's minds.


  • Study room in East Direction: Why is the East is the first option for a study room?. A satisfactory reason behind it is that the East is the direction of the rising sun. Sun is the source of energy. Sun is the king of all planets, can give eternal intellectual courage, knowledge, and wisdom. Studying here can make the children starving for education and make them explore new search, ideas, topics, and subjects.
  • Therefore, the study room in the East direction can increase the mental abilities of children. Their thoughts be clear, as the lights of the sun.
  • Study Room in North The Lord of this direction is Mercury. The Mercury governs that part of the intelligence, which is susceptive to education through study, research, analysis, precept, observation, and reproduction.


  • Study room in West Direction: The Lord of direction west is Saturn. The energy fields of West direction are incredibly favorable to studies. Therefore Most Vastu Experts suggest making a study room here. West in this direction increases understanding power and memory power of children


  • Study room in the West Direction: Study room in the West direction is an ideal selection for children preparing for higher studies, competitive exams, or require a piece of specialized knowledge, skills, and stability.


  • Study Room in North-East Direction: Northeast is also known as the Ishaan Koan. The North-east is the most divine place of the home. The Lord of this direction is Jupiter. Planet Jupiter, the powerful planet, is called a giant of the celestial system.
  • It governs higher education and knowledge, science, truth, law, reason, and judgment. Making a study room here can make your children highly knowledgeable.
  • You May ask, Question what if Study Room is not according to Vastu? If, for any reason, the study room is not feasible in these places, then make sure that the kid while studying is facing the East, Northeast, or North Direction.


  • Avoid the study room in the south direction: Avoid the study room in the south direction If you observe that your kid does a lot of studies and works hard but all in vain, then you must check for the direction of the study room.


2.- Placement of the study table in the Study Room | Best Direction for Study


  • You must know that there is a difference between Which is the best direction of the Study Room? and which direction is best for study?. Place the study table in the Children Room in such a way that during the study, you face towards the East, Northeast, or North direction. Never put the study table towards the Southeast zone.
  • Make sure that the study table should not touch the wall.
  • The height of the study table should not be very high, and it is best to have a rectangular shape of the table. A round or oval-shaped table is inauspicious.



3.- Placement of computer in Study Room


  • The computer and other electronic equipment is best in the Southeast direction. You can also place the computer in the south or east direction.



4.- Keep Clean the Study Room


  • Always keep the study room clean. Never put any useless, wasteful scraps, old stuff, old newspaper, etc. in the study room. All such items create a loss of concentration.



5.- Bookshelf in Study Room


  • You must pay attention to keep your bookshelf clean
  • Arrange all books, magazines, newspapers, or other stationery items correctly in the study room.



6.- Photos and pictures in Study Room


  • Idols Picture You may decorate the study room with the images, photo, and pictures which motivate the kids to move ahead and to take an interest in learning. Images like Maa Saraswati, Lord Ganesha, Great personalities, Om, Swastik, etc.may be used. Never place pictures of distortion and fear shapes in the study room. Besides that, you may put all the awards received from time to time by your child in the study room.
  • Saraswati Mantra In front of the study table, you may paste a white paper by writing the Saraswati Mantra with a red pen on it.



7.- Pooja Ghar in Study Room


  • Avoid making the Puja Ghar in the study room as it can influence the education of the child.
  • If your children's study room is not built according to Vastu, then in such a condition, the adverse impacts of it can be reduced by interior designing as per Vaastu Shastra. By follow Study Room Vastu suggestions, your children will achieve success in the area of education and career.



8.- Best Color of Study Room as per Vastu Shastra


  • Colors play a significant role in study Room Vastu. Color effects on performance, concentration, and outcome of hard work of the children.
  • Prefer to use light tones shades in the study room.



9.- Vastu for Small Study Room


  • Nowadays, due to the rising prices of land, the middle class and lower-middle-class can't create a separate study room in their house, or there may no separate study room in small flats. If you are also troubled by such a problem, and you can't create a separate study room, then follow the rules of Best direction of Study i.e. Arrange the study table in the room in which the child is studying so that the child's face is towards East, North-East or North while studying.


9 Do's and Don'ts for Study Room

  1. Do not place the study table right under the beam as it can cause stress while studying.
  2. Do not build a Study Room under a staircase.
  3. Avoid synthetic, plastic, or metal study tables instead use a wooden study table.
  4. The position of a study room in a home must get natural sunlight in a day. You also make a proper arrangement of light in the study room as well as on the study table. Proper light is good for the eyes and concentration while reading.
  5. Do not place a mirror in the studying room as it diverts the mind.
  6. Distracting photos or images in the study room must be avoided.
  7.  It is more helpful to put a picture or painting that encourage your child to study.
  8. Put motivating spirits as photo cases in the study room. Positive feelings generate a positive atmosphere for study.
  9. Never locate the study table facing a toilet or bathroom.


In short

You must pay attention to makes the study room Vastu Compliance to feels your child relaxed, comfortable, and productive.
A well-designed study room as per Study Room Vastu can increase the concentration levels in the study of your children and encourage them to shine in whatever topics they study.

A study room makes the difference between success and failure.