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Vastu for Garage

For more excellent performance and long life of a vehicle, the garage too must have a Vastu. The vehicle should be parked accurately and in the right direction as per Vastu, to evade the needless expense. The following are the tips and guidelines Vastu for Garage.

Vastu Tips for Garage

  1. Northwest or Southeast is the best direction for the garage in your home.
  2. Do not park your vehicles on the west side in NW positioned garage to avoid a lot of traveling.
  3. If you parked your vehicle in the Southwest corner, it would require a lot of maintenance.
  4. Do not park your vehicle in the Northeast direction because parking in the Northeast would prevent the divine forces though parking in the Northeast area is permissible if the garage in the basement.
  5. Garage in the Southwest would indicate occasional usage of your vehicle or car and may need regular repairing.
  6. Parking in the South or West direction increases the chances that your vehicle/car might face heat hazards.
  7. Make sure that the floor level of the parking should be sloping towards the North or East region.
  8. Make sure that there are proper light and movements of air in the garage.
  9. Make sure that the garage roof does not touch the main building.
  10. The north or east direction gate is best for the garage.
  11. The height of the parking door is not higher than the main door of the wall.
  12. Gate of the Garage should open freely, i.e., it should not make any noises and not facing any hindrance.
  13. The track of the garage door should be free, make easy convenience for the vehicles\car's movement.
  14. The white, yellow, or some other bright color is considered favorable for the parking.
  15. Do not store any rubbish material or hazardous material in the parking.

Vastu For Portico

  1. For people who have a smaller space, building parking will not be feasible; they may construct a portico for parking the vehicle/car.
  2. The North, East, or Northeast is best for Portico as per Vastu.
  3. North-facing car parking is promising for people in business, while the east-facing vehicle is suitable for politicians, officials, and government administrators.