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Vastu Tips for Water Tank - Underground & Overhead

Vastu for Water: You know what is the essential elements on earth?- Yes, it is Water. Water is one of the vital substances on earth. All human beings, plants, and animals must need Water to survive. If there were no water, there would be no life on the universe. Water is also one of the Five Elements in Vastu Shastra, which plays a significant role.

Water --the Jal tatva most scarce element in the earth. Moon And Venus are represented Water in Astrology.

It is available in the form of snow, groundwater, water vapours. Water may change its form with the variation in the temperature. Water, in its pure form, does not have any color; it does not have any odor or taste and is palatable.

Due to water scare availability, it becomes the primary and most essential criteria in the site selection of any Vastu Shastra.

Availability of Water can be ensured in the form of a Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage, underground water tank, overhead water tank, or sump.

The Water which people drink and use for other purposes must be clean. It suggests that the water must be free of bacteria, germs, chemicals, and be clear.


In this context you will Learn about

1- Vastu for underground water tank, Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage

2- Vastu for Overhead Water Tank

3- Effect of underground water tank, Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage in different direction

4- Effect of Overhead water tank, Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage in different direction

5- Vastu tips for Undergroud Water Tank

6- Vastu tips for overhead Tank


Vastu guidelines for a Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage, underground water tank


Vastu for underground water tank: Well, or sump should be dug after performing proper Pooja. Deep well are considered useful as Water available in deep well be pure rich in mineral. A well, slow-moving water body fountain in front of North North-East or East is promising for any home. As in the Vastu, the North-East sector is best for underground Water. Water governance of the North-East area.

The effect of water resources in different direction

In the North-East: Water sources in the North-East sector increase wealth, prosperity, and knowledge. so a Well, well-boring, hand-pump, underground water storage, underground water tank in North-east is vastu compliace.vastu for under ground water tank

In the East: A well and underground water tank in the East leads to prosperity and brings success.

In the North: The well, boring or underground water tank in North leads to an increase in wealth.

In the west: The well, boring or underground water tank in west invite difficulties and hardship.

In the south: well, boring or underground water tank in the south may cause untimely death, deformities frequent accidents, and bad days.

In the South-East: All are the subsequence of underground water sources. Avoid south-east for the water tank, boring or Well. South is the sector of fire. Fire Allways travels upwards. Fire rises towards the sky while Water tries to hide in the depth of Earth. Fire and Water are bitter enemy. So, water in south-East not considered good.

In North-west:  North-west is the sector of air. Water combined with air will cause dampness. There will we become a breeding place of mosquitoes. So, well, boring or underground water tank is not suitable place as per Vaastu Shastra.

In Southwest: Southwest is the sector Earth; it is the most massive zone for overhead keep it towards the west direction, which is ruled by Varuna. Varun is a ruler of a large sheet of Water.

In Brahmasthana: A well, boring or underground water tank in brahmasthana is never recommended


As per Brihatsamhita |  well, boring or underground water tank Vastu

The results of digging well in a different direction of the plot are different. As per Brihatsamhita, a well in the East of northeast gives good Finance, a good education, health, wealth, and prosperity. A Well in the North of Northwest causes quarrels in the family, over Finance, litigation charges situated. A well in the west of Northwest causes fights, over Finance, moderate Finance, poverty bitterness in the relationships among family members. Digging wells in the south or west of the southwest may cause bankruptcy, quarrels with or among women, health problems to elders member or head of the family. A well or boring in the South or East of south East may cause problems too and from children, crumbled Finance danger from fire uncordial family relation.

A well in brahmasthana is never recommended; life becomes like hell; it is impossible to live. One does not feel comfortable in the house; depression in the middle causes disintegration of the family. Square plot sum for rectangular shape well is best.


Overhead tank Vastu

Overhead tank Vastu describes the importance of position the overhead  Water Tank in the appropriate place. to keep the family well, strong, fit, and healthy. If the overhead Water Tank is placed according to the tips of Vaastu Shastra, it improves health and keeps strong and fit.


Vastu tips for Over Head tank

The Vastu Shastra suggests essential Vastu tips for Overhead Water Tank for a better and fun-filled comfortable life.

1. #Vastu for Overhead water tank position

  • Be certain that the Overhead Tank is not placed in the center (Brahma Sthan). If so, life becomes helpless. So, remove the Overhead Tank from Brahma Sthan and put it in a proper place. Place the water tank is on the West or South-West. The West direction belongs to God Varun. God Varun is God of Rains. The Water Tank on the floor level in this direction is suitable.
  • Overhead Tank as per Vastu Suggests that never place the Overhead Tank in the Northeast direction  Overhead Tank in the Northeast direction will cause financial losses and accidents.  As NE has to be the lightest portion of the home, thus putting the Overhead Water Tank in this area generates an imbalance within the energies.


2. #Say No to Plastic Water Tank

  • Overhead drinking water tank and cooking water-tank should not be of plastic. In the old days Over Head, Water Tanks was built with bricks and cement on the top of the house. Vastu Shastra suggests the concrete Water tanks; it retains the foundation compact and keeps the Water clear and pure. However, nowadays, people are moving towards plastic Water tanks, which are incredibly unadvisable, whereas synthetic or plastic is a dangerous element that may attract infections, illness, and brings health problems.


3. #Color of Overhead Water Tank

  • If it not possible to construct the concrete Water Tank, So, it must be of black or blue color as it helps to absorb maximum sun rays. A white water-tank will not serve this purpose. Science says that dark colors block the Water from sun rays, ultraviolet radiation and keep the Water safe to drink.

4. #Floor level and Overhead Water Tanks

  • Install the Overhead Tank of minimum 2'to 3' high. Make provision in such a way that it rests above the terrace floor level. The weight of the Overhead Tank with Water on the terrace level will create stresses on the residents.


5. #Overflow and leakage of Overhead Tank

  • Make sure the Overhead Tank in the Southwest should never leak. And also make provision that it may not overflow in this direction is inauspicious as it encourages the drainage of cash from home. The morning sun rays will fall on the Overhead Tank as it is the highest part of the apartment, and they will be absorbed in Water.


6. #Cover the Overhead Water tanks


  • Overhead tanks are exposed to rain, heat, storm, and any other inevitable situation. Vastu Shastra states that it is safe to keep the Water tanks covered entirely. 


7. #Keep Clean the water tank

  • Clean the Water tank from inside out, to keep the Water clean and pure. Make all necessary steps to clear Water from dirt, dust, fungus and bird sprigs, etc.


In Short, the Overhead Water tank plays a significant role while planning a building layout. You must pay attention to Vastu Shastra guidelines to built Over Head Water Tank as per Vastu to brings prosperity into your place.


More about Water Vastu

Ancient civilization of the world Indus Valley Civilization developed the bank of the river. Indus Aryan civilization on the bank of river Ganges and Yamuna and Egypt on the bank of Neel river, Iraq on the bank of the Euphrates in astrology watery and earthy signs are friendly in nature relation with each other underground Water available at the right depth. If it is very close to the Foundation, it will cause dampness. Surrounding soil should not be waterlogged will otherwise become the constant source of foul odor. North-East sector rules the Water; it is the lowest most area of a site. North-East sattvic nature perfectly matches with the nature of Water. As Water always tries to move downwards, the dikpala of North-East is Soma and Lord Shiva.