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Vastu for wealth | How to attract money

Vastu for wealth: Many of us require money not only for education, medication, tour, travel, comfort, accommodation, and so on, but it also makes us feel good. We need money to maintain a Lifestyle too. The lack of money can ruin our happiness when we have to live without the things which we genuinely need.

We are not here to give you enough money which you desire. Instead, we are here to provide you the Vastu Shastra guidelines, which genuinely assist you in attracting wealth and money. For examining your place as per the Vastu Shastra principles, Ask Acharya has the best qualified experienced Vastu consultant Sunil Mehtani. He is competent enough to help and assist you in acquiring for earning money with immediate effect. If you desire quick and positive results? If your answer is yes  - there is no better way then following these Vastu tips for wealth, if you follow the Vastu tips for money as per Vastu Shastra, the results are quite sure.

The whole sole purpose of Ask Acharya is to serve its clients by rendering different Vastu tips for wealth.

Vastu tips for wealth

Following are the Vastu Tips for attracting money and prosperity

Main Door (Entrance): Entrance is the place that attracts and welcomes positive energy, wealth, and prosperity. So, make sure there is not any crack in the main door, and the lock should also work correctly. Decorate the main door beautifully. It would be best if you never kept any shoe rack or shoes at the entrance as it blocks the positive energy.

Sleep direction: Never sleeps by keeping your head towards the north in any case. Open all the windows of your bedroom for at least 20 minutes in the morning to let the positive energy come inside.

Importance of northeast direction: Keep the Northeast direction clutter-free. Never construct any toilet in this direction. Do not keep heavy material like almirah, machinery in the northeast direction. Instead, keep this direction neat and clean condition in the best possible way. The NE is the best place to make the Pooja room there.

Cash locker direction: keeps your cash locker in the southwest direction of the place where you live. Your almirah should open towards the north. You may place a mirror opposite the locker also.

The southwest direction: the southwest direction of the house should be higher than the north. You may put heavy plants and trees also there.

Brahmasthan: Keep the Brahma Sthan (the center of the house) clutter-free and do not keep heavy material here, keep it vacant in the maximum possible way. Avoid any construction in the Brahm Sthana.

Doors and windows. Always keep your doors and windows clean and dust-free. Dirty Windows and doors act as an obstacle to the money inflow.

Bathroom: Repairing of leaking taps if any tap is leaking, then repair or replace leaking taps immediately as dripping water leads to loss of wealth and money.

Fish aquarium: keep the fish aquarium in the northeast direction for the north direction of the house. Make sure to keep it clean and with moving Fish.
Statue of Buddha: keeps the Statue of laughing Buddha in the living room, garden, or kitchen of the house.

Vastu paintings: Vastu paintings like a waterfall, Greenfields, Goldfish, etc. help in the money inflow.

Wind Chimes: Wind Chimes are beautiful Vastu friendly, many times at the entrance of the house, the wind Chimes is believed to invite positive energy as well as attract the money and the wealth to the home.

Money plant:  Place the money plant, preferably in the northeast or north or East direction of the house, the money plant brings money. Keep the money plant in green color or purple color pot.

Clocks: Clocks always place the clocks in the north or northeast direction of the house as this is the most sacred direction and place. It also helps in attracting money also.

Purple color: According to Vastu, purple is the color that attracts money and wealth, so place a flower was with purple-colored flowers in the north direction. If not possible, then keep the money plant in a purple color pot.