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Are you looking for the most effective Online Vastu Shastra consultation?

Your search for the top online Vastu Shastra Consultation ends here! Receiving the Best Online Vastu consultation for your factory, home, and office space gives you the most efficient and real-time online Vaastu solutions. That helps you to get the most out of logical and scientific Vastu. Ours is the world's most qualified, renowned, experienced, and professional Vastu Consultancy that aims to spread the radiance of Vastu Shastra worldwide.

Vastu Shastra, a renowned Indian architectural science, suggests designing and managing living spaces to boost positive energy and well-being. The fundamentals of Vastu are to establish a harmonious balance between people living in the space and the surrounding.

The best thing about Ask Acharya is that you receive top quality with authentic and genuine online Vastu consultation at the convenience of your home.

Whether you're looking for a Vastu consultation for your existing property or need guidance to buy a new one, Ask Acharya has tailor-made solutions for all your needs.


Why choose to Ask Acharya for Vastu Consultancy?

Vastu Experience - Offering Vastu services since 2008. Experiential experience of 15+ years of working with clients from all over the world.

Expert Team: Ask Acharya is a team of experts under the most professionally qualified Vastu Expert and Astrologer, Sunil Mehtani. He will handle all your Vastu designs, Research, Marketing, IT, and Backup Vastu Services.

Creative and Professional Solutions: High Standard of professional services with a creative approach, value-added service, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective Vastu solutions

Authentic Vastu: We strictly follow five basic Vastu element rules in any layout, which is the crucial factor of Vastu Shastra.


How is Vastu Consultation with us working?

Please send us your basic information and schedule a call. Our team will contact you. To find a comprehensive description of Vastu consultation services and packages you need. Pick the option you like and have your vastu arranged.

What exactly is how does the Online Vastu Consultation process work?

Online Vastu analysis is a primary but effective method that lets you take advantage of Vastu Shastra's benefits wherever you are. It's a straightforward procedure that only requires your site's basic information, followed by a door delivery of the Vastu report and Vastu remedies.


Step #1 Sharing Details of your Site, i.e., Home, office, factory, shop

The following information should be supplied for the Vastu Advisor to facilitate Vastu consultation:

  • "To-the-Scale" layout maps or floor plans for your home or site
  • Use WhatsApp to send the Google Location of your Home or site.
  • Photos and videos of your Home or place (enabling the virtual tour to facilitate a successful Vastu consultation by a Vastu consultant).
  • Work Profile (Occupation), Birth Details & House No (optional)


Step #2 Client Talk with Vastu Advisor

  1. Once we have received the mentioned inputs, our expert will discuss your concerns and move on to the Vastu analysis of your home or place. We are experts in aligning your home with Vastu Shastra principles using simple yet efficient methods without demolition or reconstruction.
  2. We'll schedule an appointment via video or phone with you and our Vastu advisor to discuss remedial Vastu options for your property. It is possible to describe your concerns about your fears, doubts, or issues.
  3. Based on the current issues that may be related to the Vastu Shastra defects in your space, Our Vastu advisor will begin a detailed Vastu working process and adjust the space to meet your goals.
  4. They will also consult with you on site-specific restrictions and your requirements should they arise to ensure that they are addressed during the thorough Vastu analysis.


Step #3 Preparing No-Demolition Vastu Solutions

  • This step is the most vital stage in Vastu's work. Our team of experts will be in-depth with your property's layouts. They will analyze every aspect of your property following Vastu's principles, then match it with the problems confronted by the residents and develop solutions to Vastu's issues.
  • The primary goal is to prepare Vastu solutions that are easy to implement yet efficient. The Vastu working method is scientific and logical, focusing on results. It is tailored to the specifics of your house.

Important - Considering the site's limitations, all Vastu solutions are developed to avoid difficulties in implementing solutions.


Step #4 Deliverables - Vastu Solutions Report & Vastu Remedies

  • We have devised many methods and tools for evaluating property according to Vastu principles. We employ dowsing charts, graphs, bar charts, and Grading tables.


Step #5. Report by Vastu Consultant

  • A professionally written Vastu report by our highly experienced Vastu consultant is available within 3-4 days for online and seven days for private consultations.


Step #6. Vastu Follow up

  • We provide a follow-up plan to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of Vastu implementation. The client can clarify questions regarding this Vastu solutions report and discuss any issues applying the Vastu recommendations.


We Provide NO-DEMOLITION Vastu Solutions

The most frequent and well-known anxiety among people who learn of Vastu concerns the fact that Vastu involves reconstruction or demolition. But, it is essential to understand that when it comes to the technical aspects of Vastu, it leaves little space for reconstruction or demolition. A reputable Vastu advisor will focus on the results-oriented element of Vastu Shastra, including internal rearrangements and Vastu alignments to adjust your space to attract positive energy.

In most countries, such as the USA, Europe, or Australia, where a custom-designed house layout is not a viable choice, it is necessary to adhere to the builder's guidelines. There is no way to change the structural structure or make any modifications. We can only modify the interior, design the furniture arrangement, and select the color scheme following Vastu. Therefore, no demolition Vastu strategies can be employed to gain advantages from Vastu Shastra.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Vastu Consultation

Que 1. When should one consult the Vastu Consultant?


  1. When you want to have a Pre-purchase analysis of the plot or property.
  2. Needs Planning interior for a new home according to Vastu Shastra principles.
  3. Facing problems like
  • Frequent sickness at home
  • Marriage Problems
  • Frequent Family Quarrel
  • A Problem in Jobs or Promotion
  • Facing Career or Financial restrictions

Que 2 What are the five elements in vastu Shastra?

Ans. The Five Elements, i.e., Water, Fire, Earth, Space & Air, are the fundamental elements of Vastu Shastra. Understanding their significance is essential to Vastu Shastra. Each element is a distinct kind of energy based on the direction it is facing. Knowing how they relate to one another is vital to produce auspicious or unlucky energy in the environment.

Que 3. Is online Vastu Consultation effective?

Ans. Online Vastu consultations are genuinely efficient. The reason is that the Vastu professionals at Ask Acharya create the consultation to identify the most effective Vastu concept without needing to go to the site.

Que 4. What benefits available via online Vastu Consultation?

Ans. The most significant benefit of Online Vastu Consultation is that you can benefit from a Vastu-compliant house with minimal effort and efficiently and cost-effectively. If we talk about actual deliverables, you'll get a comprehensive Vastu Consultation that includes a Vastu Manual explicitly designed for your property

Que 5. How much time a vastu consultation takes?

Ans. Online Vastu Consultation generally lasts between one week to 3 weeks, based on the nature of the work, such as the number of floors, the size of the location, etc. Additionally, however, our consultants offer 45 days to the client following receiving the report to inquire about any questions or clarifications to this report, additionally, for sites that are being constructed and require assistance until the site is completed.

Que 6. Is the online Vastu consultation accurate without a visit to a physical location?

Ans. The Vastu advisors are highly experienced Vastu experts. They use an analytical approach to consulting on the Vastu of your property. To take an interactive experience of your site, he recommends a video tour about the location to be made available so Vastu advisors can better grasp the site's Vastu problems and suggest the best solutions.

Que 7. Are there online Vastu consultation services available from any place around the globe?

Ans. Anyone can avail of online Vastu consultation at any place around the world.

Que 8. Do Vastu rules change due to the change of countries?

Ans. Every nation has its unique Vastu energy that decides its fate and destiny. The fundamental principles could remain the same. Frequently Asked Questions

Que 9. What are the costs to book an online Vastu consultation?

Ans. It depends on the vastu services you need and the property size.