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Vastu for Factory: Vastu Shastra for Factory ensures the successful running of the business, managing to more production and more significant financial gains, victorious among competitors factories. Applying Vastu Shastra for Factory can be of excellent assistance, and additionally, it roots way for success, progress, growth, prosperity, security, strength in business.

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Factory Vastu

According to Vastu Consultant for factory, numerous more important points have to be considered while fixing Vastu principles and guidelines for factory.

These are like
- a selection of a site for factory
- the position of electronic gadgets in factory
- location of the guardroom in factory
- quarters for staff in factory building
- placement and direction of the kitchen in the factory compound.
- the best direction of the office room for administration staff
- The best direction of the chairman's room, Managing Partner's room
- placement of raw materials, furnished goods, developing packaged material, ready for transport items, and many more.

You can apply Vastu Shastra for factory to avoid any misfortunes and also any problem. The numerous issues handled with the specialist advice of Vastu Expert.

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Why you need Vastu Shastra for Factory? 


A Small factory may serve one individual or may serve some persons. But a factory helps a large number of houses. The primary objective of a factory is to earn profits through production and selling. Therefore the factory owner has to look into not solely himself but several peoples also. Usually, the factory will have bulky items, raw materials, finished goods, apart from machinery and stocks. These heavy materials need to be placed only either at West, Southwest, or South.
Usually, factories or manufacturing units may suffer critical obstacles, which are to be deal with responsibility and care. The primary cause behind the problems like labor, tax problem, competition, ongoing trends, many varieties and also government policies, etc., are to be seen. One can tackle the issues with managerial ability, but one can even avoid facing by applying proper Vastu Shastra in the construction of a factory.

If you consult the best Vastu Expert, he will show the way to overcome all the problems quickly. Vaastu Shastra for factories should be thoroughly examined. Do not take the quick decision without proper research before purchasing a plot for building a factory.


A factory as per Vaastu may provide wealth, health, peace to the employer, and also to employees or laborers. The principal goal of every enterprise is obtaining profit; however, if this purpose is not to fulfill, it may due to Vastu defects. Vastu for factory assists to identify difficulties at the place by examining it entirely and fix it with Vastu remedies.



10 Important tips for Factory Vastu


Following are the important Vastu tips for factory Vastu


  1. Make the Entrance of the Factory in the East, NE, or North direction.
  2. Construct the owner's Office in the South SW or West part while the owner needs to sit viewing East NE or North.
  3. Make the provision for finished goods in Northwest.
  4. South or Southwest zone is suitable for workshop and maintenance job.
  5. The best location for Electrical equipment, meters, generators, boilers, etc. is in the Southeast direction.
  6. Make the provision of Toilets in the factory in the Northwest part.
  7. The best place for a septic tank is in North-West.
  8. Keep heavy Machines South, South-West, or West. You must avoid the center (Brahmsthna), Northeast or Northwest.
  9. Make provision of Tube-well or bore well in Northeast direction and keep this light and clean.
  10. The best position of Overhead tanks is in South-West.


The best Vastu consultant for Factory takes care of the subsequent points while examining the Vastu for the factory. Vastu consultation of factory comprises a careful review of the following:

  • The location of the column and beams
  • The position and location of the basement
  • The direction of the Entrance and doors
  • The direction & position of the windows To know more about Doors and Window you will find this link useful
  • The direction & position of the heavy machines in the factory
  • The sitting arrangement of the employees
  • The direction & location of the owner office This content will help for layout plan for Office
  • The direction & placement of the raw materials
  • The direction & placement of the finished goods
  • The direction and placement of electrical gadgets
  • The direction and position of the stairs
  • The direction & placement of AC, cooler, audio systems
  • The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen In this Content, you will find very useful tips for Kitchen Vastu
  • The direction & location of the toilets
  • The direction & location of the water resources
  • The direction and location of the administrative zone
  • The direction and location of the guard room
  • The direction and location of the staff quarters
  • The direction and location of the water boring
  • The direction and location of the staff underground water tank
  • The direction and location of the overhead water tank
  • The direction and location of the septic tank or the waste disposal


Factories and industrial buildings require proper consideration while planning construction and should be free from any Vastu defect. It is essential to follow the right Vastu guidance while constructing a factory, since it's a business venture and should produce profits only. Following Vastu guidelines, while planning factories, assists avoid losses and untowardly events. In a factory, it is also essential to bring the best potential of the laborers and have a smooth flow of men and material. Vaastu provides excellent aid in ensuring just that.


Important Vastu Tips For Factory

  • North, East, or Northeast is the best location for the Entrance. Make sure the Entrance Door is big.
  • Make provision of Office in the Factory South SW or West direction.
  • Make a sitting arrangement of the owner in such a way he should always face towards the North, NE, or East direction.
  • The best place for finished goods in the factory is in the Northwest direction. This will assure the quick sale of finished goods and will generate huge profits.
  • Make the compound wall of the Factory high and heavy in the South and West areas.
  • Vastu Shastra for Factory shed: The best place of factory shed or maintenance workshop is in the South or Southwest while avoiding the Northeast and (Brahmsthana) center.
  • The best place for equipment involving heat energy like energy meters, boilers, heaters, furnaces, transformers, generators, etc. is in the Southeast direction.
  • Best place for the temple or Mandir in Factory: Vastu Shastra suggests the Northeast comer is the best place for the temple or Mandir. Keep the Mandir neat and clean. You must CLICK HERE to read these articles to know more about Vastu for Pooja Ghar
  • Built the toilets in the Northwest direction in the administrative block or any different parts of the factory.
  • Make the provision of a septic tank (if necessary) in the Northwest direction.
  • Heavy raw materials must keep in the Southwest, South, or West directions.
  • You may place Light and supporting machines, work equipment and tools in East or North direction. You must avoid Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast comers for this purpose.
  • The NE is the best direction for Water resources like pumps, bore-wells, underground water tanks, etc.
  • Overhead tanks are best in South, SW or the West direction


Vaastu Shastra Advice for Machines in Factory

Machines are essential equipment in every factory or business organization.  Their right position is matter to generate good profits and prosperity. Installation of Machines in the wrong direction may lead to undesired misfortunes like unexpected accidents, abnormal functioning or regular maintenance, etc. Therefore it is essential to follow Vastu for the placement of your machinery.

Some Important tips in machinery are as follows:

Place the Machines according to their weight in such a way that heavier machines in Southwest/ South/West direction.  And lighter Northwest/Southeast direction.
Do not place any machinery in the Northeast instead keep this place clean and light.
Fire-furnaces must be kept in Southeast direction.
Material machines making should flow in clockwise