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Vastu: As per the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin, Vastu means the place of the dwelling of humans and Gods. Teachings of Vastu give us strength, energy, safety, and longevity of a building and provide inhabitants peace, harmony, progress, growth, financial prosperity, and stability. Vastu systems provide us with sound health, peace, comforts, happiness, wealth, and success & bring balance to our lives. Vastu can improve the condition, although recognizing one's fate, Karma and individual horoscope also affects the results.


For any Vastu-related services, contact Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani- an experienced, professionally qualified Vastu Expert and Astrologer.


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and planning system encompassing traditional beliefs and principles to create harmonious living spaces. Vastu Shastra's main objective is to enhance the inhabitants' well-being, prosperity, and happiness by aligning structures with the five natural elements and energies.

 Vastu Shastra (Vaastu Shastra) is a traditional Hindu method of architecture (Design and Construction), which translates to the "science of architecture." Those are manuscripts discovered on the Indian subcontinent that illustrate systems of design, layout plans, dimensions, soil testing, and place arrangement. Vastu Shastras include classical Hinduism and, in many cases, Buddhist faiths. The drawings are designed to combine structure with nature.


Why do you need a Vastu Consultant?

Vastu Shastra (literally, the science of dwelling) is a classical Sanskrit text of architecture. These comprise Vastu Vidya (precisely knowledge of housing).

In simple words, the teaching of Vastu advised us -

- Selection of land

- Analyze of land, plot & structure around the plot

- shape of the plot

- the slope of the plot 

- the position and placement of the main door

- the position and placement of the stairs

- the position and placement of the septic tank

- compound wall

- master bedroom

- other family member's room, drawing room, study room, dining room, servant room, guest room

- kitchen,

- Puja room

- bathroom/toilet, attached bathroom

- parking, etc.


What should be the qualification of a Vastu Consultant?


There are four essential components of Vaastu Shastra if you are consulting Vastu:

1. Selection of site, architecture, design, and planning, civil engineering, knowledge of construction landscaping

2. Astrology is a necessary component of Vastu

3. Qualifications of Vastu Shastra: Qualifications of Vastu Shastra from the Reputed Institute.

4. Basic Qualification of Best Vastu Expert



Who is the Best Vastu Consultant?


A Best Vastu Consultant should have the qualifications mentioned above, i.e.

1. A Best Vastu Expert should have a sound knowledge of construction, civil engineering, layout planning, and architecture. It is the first and prime requirement of any Best Vastu expert.

2. Vastu Shastra can only survive with astrology. A Best Vastu consultant must have a broad knowledge of Astrology. An Astro-Vastu Expert employs the theory and uses one's Birth chart when planning a home or at the time of remedies for the pre-construction of a house. A favorable time (muhurta) taken for starting the home construction, construction of the main gate, home entrance, and other regular activities can qualitatively change the result of our actions. A Best Vaastu Expert should be well-versed in the principles and practice of astrology - hora, prashna, and muhurta.

3. Basic Qualifications of Vastu Shastra consultant.

4. Vaastu is the comprehensive art and science of human living and thus needs an in-depth study of human psychological behavior and personal & social needs. Lastly, he must have a complete qualification in Vastu Shastra from a well-recognized institute.


The Best Vastu Consultant - Sunil Mehtani has a team of the most qualified Vastu consultants under the guidance of Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani.

[ Know More about Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani ]

Sunil Mehtani is among Delhi and NCR's most known, qualified, famous, and Best Vastu consultants. Vaastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani is among the very few consultants in Delhi, as well as in India. Sunil Mehtani has a master's Degree in the field of Commerce & ICMA(Int); he also holds degrees in Vaastu Prabhakar, Vaastu Vachaspati, Jyotish Alankar, Jyotish Acharya, courses from reputed Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Institute in Delhi He also has a master degree in Jyotish. Sunil Mehtani is a Maestro in the field of Vastu Shastra and Astrology. He also has more than 16 years of experience in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani is well recognized and has been awarded many awards in Vastu and Astrology. He is one of the Best Vastu Experts in India. He is exceptionally expert in analyzing the existing condition of various features of your surroundings after examining your current residence or office design. He is a Vaastu expert and a researcher in this course of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani practices checking, activating, and balancing energy in homes, apartments, commercial complexes, factories, and industries without demolishing structures.

With an in-depth understanding of Vastu, Astrology and his intuitive ability, Sunil Mehtani has a unique ability to find practical solutions for the most troublesome problems of his clients. His incredible insight and expertise in interpreting the energies of the place and making the most peaceful and prosperous surroundings in houses, shops, offices, land sites, hotels, restaurants, factories, and industries.


Online Vastu Services / Consultation

Ask Acharya to provide a quick online Vastu consultation. Our Vastu expert, Sunil Mehtani, who has been in vastu consultancy for over 15 years, has the expertise to service clients through Online Vastu consultation. This service is for clients who do not belong to this town. Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani is just a phone call away from you; you need to send us only the related property's layout plan map through email and WhatsApp, and you will get a quick online Vastu consultation.

We also offer long-distance Vastu services to clients who are very far away from us. Sometimes it takes work for you and us to meet personally to discuss the queries and solutions from the property. Sometimes, you wish to acquire Vastu services for your home or office for the first time. You may also need help to solve your problems with your previously acquired Vastu services. In that case, you can get a second opinion on the property.

There may be any problem related to distance as well as the budget of the client. In that case, we provide our Vastu services through modern digital communication.

Whether in any part of India or elsewhere, like Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Dubai, etc., you will acquire the best Vastu consultation by AskAcharya.


Offline Vastu consultancy | Site Visit

Meet with the Vastu expert to find answers to your questions about Vastu Shastra. Sunil Mehtani, the top Vastu expert, can provide the most effective Vaastu-related solutions. You can fix a time with him. In the meeting, Sunil Mehtani discusses your home's design and layout plans and the surrounding area with you. He analyzes the problem and will provide the most suitable Vastu solutions for your concerns.


Site visit Vastu Consultancy.

As you may know that you are aware that Vastu Shastra was a long-standing indian science of architecture and construction. Therefore, a professional Vastu consultant should inspect the structure or site for any Vastu-related issues. If you don't have a layout drawing or plan of your home, there are no worries. Sunil Mehtani is skilled in creating the layout plan himself on the spot.

Vaastu Expert and Astrologer Sunil Mehtani visit the site with various tools for architecture, such as a compass, digital measurement meters and so on. At the site, a precise assessment of the terrain will be conducted. The issue will be analyzed and precise; the expert will offer trustworthy solutions. He will provide you with an immediate and urgent solution, too.

A complete and thorough Vastu report will be provided within 3 to five days.


Vastu Consultancy | Vastu consultant near me Vs The Best Vastu Expert

If You are searching for a Vastu consultancy of Vastu consultant Online or require a site visit for an already constructed site like Vastu for a flat, Vastu for Kothi, Vastu for a farmhouse, Vastu for ShopsVastu for factoriesVastu for office, etc. or for the discussion on the proposed layout /drawing for Land/plot? If your answer is Yes - You would prefer to get the Vastu service from a professional, most Qualified, Best Vastu Expert rather than pay more emphasis to a Vastu Consultant near you. 

Many myths are circling the stream of Vaastu, and several self-proclaimed Vaastu experts get one to think that Vastu Shastra is some super-complex device. Therefore, knowing who you should approach to consult Vastu queries concerning your property is essential.

Sunil Mehtani is a qualified Vastu consultant and researcher in the field of Vastu; he has the expertise to make the ideal solution to your questions and fix them without demolitions in the property. Through his experiences and in-depth study of the existing layout plan, he advises people to live in peace and harmony with nature by applying the science of Vastu. Vastu is entirely scientific, and the mystery rests in getting positive and staying away from negative energies.

India is a quickly westernizing nation, and Sunil Mehtani understands that combining modern technological progress without losing the essence of his conventional knowledge. He has in-depth knowledge about balancing the Five Elements and a good understanding of fundamental astronomy and astrology. His abilities to predict and suggest urgent short-term remedies before starting notable changes in the home, apartment offices, or other properties.

Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani aims to make this world a more enjoyable place to reside by balancing everything with the beliefs of Vastu Shastra.


Vastu consultant and Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is related to balancing the energy, which aims to achieve success and happiness and heal from our different worries and tensions. Ask Acharya is always at your service for every type of consultation related to Vastu Shastra.

Ask Acharya is one of the best Vastu consultants in Delhi- NCR with more than 15 years of experience in vastu shastra. Our experts, under the guidance of Vaastu Expert Sunil Mehtani, provide you with personal Vastu consultation. You can meet him personally with a prior appointment. Sunil Mehtani, the best Vastu consultant based in Delhi-NCR, provides his services related to Residential Vastu (Vastu for home), Commercial Vastu vastu for offices, shops, Schools, Hospitals, farmhouses, clinics, restaurants, hotels, etc., and Industrial Vastu (Vastu for factory, industry. You may schedule a personal consultation on the phone with Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani. In a personal consultation, he needs a copy of the layout plan/map of the related property and details of the property's surroundings. He will provide the most appropriate solutions to your queries in a personal consultation.

It is always best to get Vastu-related solutions by visiting the related site. Therefore, our qualified and experienced Vaastu professional, Sunil Mehtani, serves you best by providing onsite Vastu consultation. Visiting the site, the Vastu expert utilizes his knowledge and provides accurate solutions. During his visit, Vaastu consultant Sunil Mehtani used tools like a professional compass, protractor, digital measuring tape, graph paper, etc. If you still need your property's layout plan/ map, he can draw himself immediately on the site.

After that visit, the site/property will be assessed appropriately. Urgent and immediate remedies will be given then, but a detailed report will be given within two or three working days.