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Vastu for Industry

Vastu for Industry: Vastu principles for industry assures the more productive and successful business. Vaastu's advice for industry helps to get success and prosperity in business. Various items are analyzed while fixing Vaatu guidelines for industries. Like selection of Plot/site, the place of electronic devices, placement of guardroom, staff quarters, kitchen/pantry, administrative area, the color scheme of the industry, deployment of raw materials and many more.

Industrial structures are buildings where the raw material products are converted into the finished output. In planning the layout of the industrial structure Fire element of Punchmahabhuta is an extremely crucial factor. Furthermore, the other four elements of Panchbhuta, i.e., air, space, water, and earth, are also studied with care.

Vastu Consultant for Industries

According to Vastu Consultant for Industries, Whatever the kind of industry, the principles of the Vastu broadly remains the same even though there are considerable variations in production methods or process flow, etc. in different industries.

A Vastu Expert selects only regular size and shape of the plot for Industrial building to achieve the success, expansion, development, prosperity, earn a profit, and also for financial stability.

 There are many essential factors analyzed by a Vaastu Consultant for the industrial plot:--

Surrounding: Surroundings perform a crucial role in the success of the industry as the area of the land/plot is quite large as compared to other buildings. Surrounding may consist of natural environment or physical/human-made features or both. The natural environment comprises hills, slopes, mountains, mounds, rivers, ponds, lakes, sea, etc. which are not possible to change.

Physical features or human-made features are the structures in and around the industrial plot like a temple, church, flyover, electrical sub-stations/ powerhouse hoarding, etc.

Location: The shape and size of the plot or land play an essential role in the success, expansion, prosperity, growth, and progress. As far as possible, take a plot or land of regular size and shape, i.e., square, rectangular. Make sure that the number of sides is even.

Place the industry in such a way that the southwest direction is heavy, high and thick whereas Northeast is light and clean.

Avoid the hindrance in front of the land or plot like hill, rocks, tree, etc. Since the Hills, mountain/mounds in front of the entrance gate inside or outside to plot or land are the causes of daily labor problems, the dispute between administration and labor.

Trees: Trees just opposite the middle of the gate will prevent the financial prosperity and success of the industry. Prefer to adjust the gate so that the tree does not appear in line with the main entrance. The result is not harmful if the length between the gate and tree is equal to the height of the tree or shadow of it. Otherwise, the authority will face one difficulty or the other. On the other hand, the production of labor is not satisfactory.

Birds, animals, and creatures: Since the industry land or plot is very large, it may be a secure home for several types of birds, creatures, or animals. Try your best if these creatures are not permitted to own their homestay in the industrial building.

Important Vastu Tips for Industry

  1. Provide more open space and make provision of lawn and greenery in the North, NE or East direction of the industrial building
  2. Make the plantation of the tree in the industrial structure to keep the surroundings green. Be careful while carrying out plantation regarding the type of plantation, direction, distance, etc.
  3. Built the structure of the industry or factory in the South, Southwest or west direction of the plot or land
  4. Construct thicker walls in the South, SW, and West Side of the building and the thinner in the North and East direction.
  5. Keep the of open space in the North, NE and East direction
  6. The best place for a pooja room or a temple is in the northeast corner and keep neat and clean.
  7. The best place for the installation Water Tank is Northeast
  8. Make provision for the for storing the raw material in the South SW or West direction
  9. The idle place for the packaging and placing of finished goods on the Northwest side
  10. Southeast or Northwest direction is the best place for staff quarters
  11. The best direction of the staircase is the Southwest Zone.
  12. The best direction of the underground water tank is in the Northeast corner.
  13. The best place for the overhead water tank is in Southwest.
  14. Toilets must be placed in Northwest or West corners and avoid it in the Northeast and Southwest direction.
  15. Northwest direction is best for Staff quarters.
  16. Construct the basement ( if requires ) in the east, North or Northeast direction of the proposed industrial building.
  17. Place Heavy machinery in the Southwest, West & South zones.
  18. Keep neat and clean and also do not place a heavy object in Northeast and (Bramsthana) centers of the building
  19. The Southeast corner is the best place for the heat elements like the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys, etc. Make sure that there is no beam above the machines & the workers.