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Vastu for Farm House

Vastu for Farm House: A farmhouse is a house on the farm having plantations in it. The farmhouse is having plants, trees, poultry, dairy animals, and cultured fish.
The farmhouse may also be a building that serves as the primary residence in a rural/ agricultural setting. A farmhouse provides welcome relief to the people who are forced to live with many tensions in big cities.

The pollution-free environment in the Farm Houses is like a treat for these people. The people get relief from all the stresses and strains of their busy city life. A farmhouse can be small or big, which is developed on a well developed agricultural land for attracting the customers and then the profits. If you have interest in ASTROLOGY CLICK


Vastu Consultant for Farm House

Vastu Consultant for Farm House suggests that It is better to construct farmhouse by following the farmhouse Vastu guidelines. The following are some tips that you should follow while constructing a farmhouse. If You need Service of Vastu Consultant You may contact Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani 9810105727

Important Vastu Tips for Farmhouse

  1. The main building of the farmhouse is preferable in the south, West, or southwest of the plot.
  2. Keep the entrance of the farmhouse in East or north.
  3. Construct the cottages on the plot in the scattered form in all the directions.
  4. The location of the parking area is best in the Northwest or southeast.
  5. It is best to construct the well or boring for drinking water towards the North, East, or the Northeast.
  6. The arrangement and installation of electrical equipment and appliances are best in the southeast.
  7. Park with small flowering plants is good towards the north and East.
  8. You may grow fruit trees in all the directions as per their need for Sunlight and heat.
  9. Large decorative trees are useful in the south, West or southwest directions.
  10. Construct the Wi-Fi launch and Games Room in the North or East. Southeast is the best direction for the restaurant or kitchen.
  11. Place the bar-be-que in the southeast for the daytime and in the Northwest for the evening time.
  12. Try to keep the bar in between the north and north-east of the building. The water park or any other artificial waterfalls are useful in the north and Northeast.
  13.  The swimming pool is also best in the east direction.
  14.  Make the Golf Course towards the north and East.
  15. Games zone for playing indoor games is preferred in North-West or southeast.
  16.  Gym, massage parlor, health club are best in the southeast direction.
  17.  North-east or East directions are best for making yoga and meditation hall.
  18. Keep all the tamed animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, horses, camels, dogs, and cats towards the Northwest or southeast of the residential area outside the main building.
  19. The poultry farm is most beneficial in North, West, South-East.
  20. Fish pond or aquarium is best in the north direction.
  21. Make the animals' house in such a way that it should not touch the main building.
  22. Prefer to dig the pit for preparing manure and compost in the West or southwest direction.
  23.  Biogas or gobar gas plants are best in the southwest direction.

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