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Vastu for South Facing House

Vastu for south-facing house: Yama rules South direction. Yama is the Vedic God of dharma and death. As per Vedic mythology, Yama is the elder brother of the planet Saturn. Yamaha considered very cruel judgment over the soul after death.

How to find Facing of your House?

Sometimes we find it challenging to identify the direction that our house is facing. Your house's facing is the direction in which you face when you go out of your main door. The main door here means the most massive door in the house. If you face South while coming out of your main entrance gate onto the road, your home is a south-facing House. To know in detail How to find Direction CLICK HERE

Why the South is considered the most inauspicious direction?

According to Vastu Shastra, "All the directions are equally good,"

To know more about Vastu Direction CLICK HERE

South is considered the most inauspicious direction in Residencial Vaastu Shastra. So it would be best if you are more vigilant and cautious in utilizing this direction.

The disadvantage of Houses facing South: The many opening in south direction is the leading cause the person to not fully enjoy the marital bliss many times severe obstruction in the materialization of marriage. Excessive cosmic heat of Lord sun and bodily heat of planet mars place the South direction like hell. This intense sweet of south direction increases bodily Pitha causing Pitta dosha. The opening in the South may also addict to liquor. So Vastu expert Sunil Mehtani advises you should keep the south direction close in the hot season if you are residing in a hot region.

The scorching rays of Sun become highly uncomfortable and unbearable in the South. In the horoscope, Tenth House is correspondent with the south direction. The color of the southerly direction in Vastu Shastra is blood red. Sun and Mars are directionally strong in the 10th house of a horoscope, which corresponds with South direction.

This direction receives the maximum heat the rays of Sun fall Straight in this zone, and the temperature is usually high throughout the year, causing intense heat.


Is South facing house not suitable for all?

Many people say that living in a south-facing house will invite life problems, and only east or north-facing homes are auspicious and good. But this is not entirely true as there are some benefits of south-facing house. A south-facing house is best for the people belonging to Administrative Services, armed and Paramilitary forces, People involved in manufacturing, and for the people related to the entertainment industry can also buy a house facing south.

South Direction is also the best place for public activities like Consultancy Services; it proves an auspicious direction during the daytime.

The people who live in this direction generally have firm determination in their goal. They may adopt all methods without hesitation for their victory. They may ready to sacrifice smaller things to reap more significant benefits.

South direction is suitable for big merchants and ladies' establishment.

South facing house brings good earning, health for women of the house, and love in relationships

The arguments can earn rich profit easily as they are Flexible to business transactions.

The occupants in the south direction are dominant.

Vastu Shilpa Shastra consider southerly direction best for bedroom.

South facing house as per the Sun's path of movement

The Sun rises in the east and moves towards the South before setting in the west. This is the reason why the climate in South India is scorching in summers. So, the people living there should avoid the South facing the house.

On the other hand, in regions like North India or hilly areas, the climate is generally colder during winters. So, people can buy south-facing houses to enjoy sunlight and heat during winters. This will also help them to keep their homes warm.

The persons living in a South facing house receive an adequate amount of sunlight for most of the day. This will provide them a sufficient amount of Vitamin D and, therefore, beneficial for them.

(But the same sunlight is not suitable for people living in southwest-facing houses. This is because they get the sunlight during the late afternoon, full of UV rays (radiations). Instead of providing benefits to them, these rays are harmful to them.)

South facing house in astrology

According to Astrology, south-facing house good for the natives having Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn moon signs/rashi can buy south-facing houses. The people in the profession or work related to Mars can also opt for south-facing houses. The people involved in these professions may be lawyers, surgeons, property dealers, and chefs. Along with these, the persons who do business related to arms and ammunition, hardware shops, fire-related items, etc. also come in this category.

Though the South facing house is favorable to these kinds of people, still for making the house most auspicious, they should follow the guidelines of Vastu Shastra for south facing house to the maximum.


Guidelines or tips-- Vastu for south facing house

If you properly plan the south direction, you may get more victory, money, health, wealth, and fame. Following are the Guidelines or tips-- Vastu for south facing house:

Elevation--It would be best if you took care elevation in the south direction must be high. The site having in an upper southerly direction and depressed towards north direction is excellent


Entrance or main door-- Make sure to place the main door/entrance on the South's 4th Pada as it is the best and most promising for the South facing the house.

If it is not possible, you can opt for 2 or 3 padas, but it must include 4th Pada along with them. You should consult the best Vastu expert for this.


Walls in South Direction-- Make sure to construct the thicker and higher walls in south&west than north &East.


The slope of the plot- It is best that the plot slopes from South to North.


As per kitchen Vastu for south facing house--the kitchen is best in the southeast or northwest corner of the house.


Master bedroom-- Construct the master bedroom in the southwest direction.


Pooja room Vastu for south facing house – Do not construct Pooja room in South corner. It is best to construct the pooja room in North-east(Ishaan). Pooja room in this direction is auspicious and beneficial for all living in a house.


Staircase --The staircase should be in south or SW direction and should move clockwise.

Well in South--There is any well in the south direction close it immediately.


Important  things to avoid at South Facing House

But if there is any Vastu dosh in South Direction, it results in financial and health problems and breakups in the couple's relation. So you must keep in mind that --


1- Never make any entrance Gate in the southeast corner of the South facing the house.


2- The essential factor is the correct location and direction of any house's main door.


3- The main door's direction and location are the most important in Vastu Shastra; we must position the entrance or the main door of the house in an accurate direction. With south-facing houses, this is the most important thing to make it auspicious. You must follow some Vastu rules and guidelines for Vastu for south-facing home.


4- Make sure not to paint the entrance Gate in black or blue colors.


5- Never construct the kitchen in the south corner.


6- Avoid making any underground water source on the front side of the South facing the house. you must not construct any underground structure like the septic tank in south direction


7- Make sure that there is not any T point in front of a south-facing house.


8- Ensure that there should not be any garden or planting of trees and guest bedrooms in the south corner of the South facing the house.


If there is any dosha, it may severely affect the female occupant.


Vastu remedy for south facing house

Following are the Vastu remedies for south facing house:


1. If the south direction is extended, then make it the direction square or rectangle, and the separated portion must be used different purposes.


2. Make the south direction higher than all directions except the lower than the southwest direction.


3. Make heavy to the south direction; you may keep heavy furniture and utensil here.


4. In your home or the office, sit with your back in the South, your face must be towards north to get the blessing of Soma To get good health strength and wisdom of your ancestors.


5. Make the wall in the south zone must be thicker and more substantial. You may be built heavy stone wall, fence, or trellis here.


6. Avoid door and window and ventilator in the south direction.


7. If there is an open area in the south direction, you may plant a tall tree, but the planted tree must have distance from the main building.


8. Keep the heavy indoor plant in the southerly direction such as Indoor Palm, rubber plant umbrella tree in heavy concrete ports.


9. Pray for of Lord Yama and Planet Mars


10. Use red color in the South.


11. Take it in south direction while handling heat and fire.


12. Place red color photo painting of Lord Hanuman or you may install Mangal yantra in the south direction in auspicious muhurta.


The south direction should never be extended or nor should have more space to bring miss fortune to the occupants.

For the south-facing house Vastu plan, you may contact AskAcharya or may directly call Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani 9810105727.