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Pooja Room Vastu: Vastu for Pooja Room: God remains in one's own 'state of mind,' State of mind perform principal parts during prayers. The Pooja (Prayer) room is the most spiritual area in your home. It may further use for study, meditation, yoga, and practicing mantras. It is the place you relax your mind, body & soul. Pooja Ghar is an area of ​​peace where we go to enter our inner selves. It is a place of spiritual awakening.

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16 Tips Vastu for Pooja Room
DOs and DON'Ts in Pooja Room Vastu
Vastu for Pooja Room in Flat
How to Find out the North-East (Ishaan-kon) in your Home
What can one do if there is no pooja room in Flat?


For Pooja Room (Mandir), the Northeast direction (Ishaan-kon) is the most suitable place in the home. If you want to build a Pooja Room in a city, village, in a factory, or in a big place, then you can build a Pooja Room in Brahmasthan besides North direction, here we can also keep Pooja Room open from the top.


Therefore one needs to follow VASTU Principles, rules & regulations for the Pooja room (Mandir). Mandir (PUJA ROOM) is a Worship room in our residence that energized us with positive vibration & energy.


16 Tips Vastu for Pooja Room | AskAcharya

Following are the tips Vastu for Puja Room suggested by AskAcharya's Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani


1. #The direction of Pooja Room


  • Either you live in East Facing House or South Facing House, it does not matter. The most appropriate direction of the Pooja room is North-East (Ishan Cone). Pooja Room is the most sacred place in the house; For Pooja Room (Mandir), the Northeast direction is the most suitable place in the home. Other appropriate direction for the Pooja room maybe the East or the North. We should take care that the Pooja room should never be in the South or Southwest direction.  East, North-East, North facing houses considered very auspiciously. So, while planing a layout plan for the home you must follow the guidelines pooja room Vastu.


2. #The direction of the face of the gods


  • To place the idols in such a way that it must face towards west, Southwest, or South, It means while offering pooja one must face towards East, North-East, North while worshiping.
  • Statues should not be facing each other. Statues should not be attached to the walls. Statues of gods should be made of some auspicious substance. As far as possible, we should not keep idols made of iron, plastic, rubber, or other chemicals in the Pooja Ghar.
  • The idle height of idols should be between 2" to 9".

3. #Keep neat and Clean to Pooja Room


  • Always keep the Pooja room neat and clean & arrange the real plants or flowers in the North or the east direction of the Pooja room. In the Pooja Room, there should not be any waste and unwanted things. Keep it clean and hygienic. There should not be such items which can disturb your concentration.


4. #Pooja Room Design as per Vastu


  • It is best to have a window in the East, North, or North-East direction of Pooja Room. If we put a window in the North, East, or North-East corner, then it fills the house with spiritual energy. The window in the north-eastern corner is the gateway to the gods in the form of auspicious solar and magnetic rays. The door in the Pooja Room should be towards the East, North-East, or North. The door should not be made of the iron grill, aluminum, or PVC. The door of the Pooja Room should be made of good quality of wood.


5. #The roof of the Puja room


  • Pyramid & Dome shape worship room is most suitable for the Pooja room.
  • If the roof of the Pooja room is pyramid-shaped or dome-shaped, then it is considered extremely auspicious. Under this type of roof, a lot of spiritual energy flows. Pyramid has the power to cure diseases. The shrines in the shrines are built by raising the roofs. There is a growth of SKY(Akash) Element in the Pooja Room by having a high ceiling.

6. #Pooja Room in Bed Room


  • You should not worship in the bedroom. The sattvic energy of the Pooja Room and the Tamsic energy of the bedroom are of conflicting nature. If you have a small space for the Pooja Room, you can make it in the northeast of the kitchen.

7. #Do not Place heavy object above the Pooja Room


  • You should take care not to place heavy objects above the Pooja Room; you should also avoid placing large furniture in the Pooja Room.


8. #Arrangement of Shelves or Cabinet in pooja Room


  • Arrangement of shelves for keeping religious Books in the Pooja Room is in the south, south-west or west corner of the Pooja Room.

9. #Do not keep money or other valuables in the Pooja Room


  • Do not keep money or other valuables in the Pooja Room, doing so may distract our attention from worship and also may disturb our concentration.


10. #Brahmasthan of Pooja Room


  • Keep the Brahmasthan of Puja Room empty so that spiritual energy can roam in ten directions. Plants or bouquets can be placed here in the north or east of the Pooja Ghar. Medicinal plants here

11. #Light in the Pooja room


  • Keep the proper light (natural or artificial) in the Pooja room. There should be an adequate arrangement of lights in the Pooja Room. As far as possible natural light should also come in the Pooja Room. You should always take care that there is never darkness in the Pooja Room. 


12. #Vastu colors for pooja room


  • Prefer white, light blue, cream, bright yellow color in the Mandir (Pooja room). Making white or light yellow or marble floors in the Pooja Room is extremely auspicious. The white color is made up of seven colors. This color is symbol peace, love, purity, honesty, and.truth. The light yellow color is the symbol of the rising sun and the symbol of spiritual wealth. The white marble of Makrana and yellow marble is best for this work.
  • Color of Wall in Pooja Room: Use white, light yellow, cream, or bright blue colors on the walls of the Pooja Room

13. #Havan in Pooja Room


If you have to do havan daily in the Pooja Room, then you should place it in the South-East (fire zone) of the Pooja Room. While giving the offering to fire, our mouth should be towards the East. East is the direction of the sun, the infinite source of light and knowledge.

14. #Place of Lamp in the Pooja Room


  • Place a burning lamp in the South-East (fire zone) of the Pooja Room. South-East is a suitable place for a fire. We should keep in mind that while performing the worship, all the panchmahaboot should be present on the altar, i.e., Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth), Aakash (Space).

15. #Meditation in Pooja Room


  • North-east Pooja Room may be used for meditation. While meditating, our faces should be towards East, North, or North-East direction. It is a quiet place beyond the world; it keeps you away from the daily worries and distress. 

16. #Photo of the ancestors in Pooja Room


  • Do not place a Photo or picture of the ancestors along with the idols of the deities. For the Photo or picture of your ancestors, in the Southwest, the west or South wall is suitable for them.


Vastu Shastra for pooja room Tips | DOs and DON'Ts in Pooja Room Vastu


  1. The toilet should nor be above, below, directly opposite or by the sidewall of a pooja room.
  2. Avoid worship in the bedroom.
  3. Do not store valuable articles in the Pooja room.
  4. Do not place the idol in front of the entry gate.
  5. In the Pooja room, SHIVLIGAS is not considered good
  6. Do not keep the idols brought from ancient temples in your pooja room
  7. Place the Gods in such a way that they should not be facing each other.
  8. Always keep the Idols one or two-inch away from the wall
  9. The safe is not preferable in front of the deity.
  10. Do not place photographs of dead family members with the idols.


Vastu for Pooja Room in Flat

The small flats or the residential villas have limited areas for each room, and often, a spiritual awakening place a 'pooja room' is skipped from our home layout plan. If so, A Question may arise - What should do if there is no or tiny place for the Pooja Room in the Home? Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani suggests a solution for such a situation.


Find out the North-East (Ishaan-kon) in your Home

North-east is the most sacred zone.  It is the best direction for the Pooja Room. It is regarded as the principal source of positive cosmic energy from the world of power. The directional lord of this direction is Ish, and the planetary lord of this direction is Jupiter. It provides the most utmost benefic ultraviolet rays of the Sun, which possess healing abilities. Seven out of forty-five of the demigods hold this sector are- Aditi, Diti, Ish, Paijanya, Jayanta, Aap and Aapvatsa.

What can one do if there is no pooja room in Flat?

  1. If you do not have separate Pooja Room in your flat, then you may choose a neat a cleanroom or space in your Home for offering Worship. The room should be peaceful, neat, and clean. You must keep in mind at the time offering Worship your face must be towards East, North-East, or North direction.
  2.  You may hang some pictures of idols in the Drawing Room or Kitchen according to your religion and belief and pray in front of them. 
  3. Place the Tulsi plant in your gallery or on the main door. Daily Offer water to Tulsi plant with prayer every day except Sunday.
  4. Hang a photo or picture of Lord Bramha in North-East direction
  5. Offer daily water to Sun. Offer water to Sun brings confidence and self-respect.

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