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Vastu for Bedroom | Important Tips


Vastu for Bedroom: A bedroom is a room wherever we spend about a third of our time. Whereby you Sleep, perform a meaningful role in how you ready for the next day morning. The bedroom is the room where you rest, relax, and enjoy deep sleep. The bedroom should provide deep & sound sleep, peace in mind, makes everyone vigorous, active, and enthusiastic & restore to handle another day. Deep sleep, decent & quality of rest enhance our energy and fitness.


A Vastu Shastra for bedroom provides a feeling of protection because while sleeping, you are not conscious & aware of your surroundings. Principles of Vastu for Bedroom lead us about Directions, Shapes, Colors, Areas of Bed in the Bedroom, etc.


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Which is the best place for Bed Room/Master Bedroom in a House?


Vastu for Master Bedroom

Vastu for Master Bedroom: The South-West is the most suitable direction for the Master bedroom. The South-West indicates the nature of the earth element, which includes power, energy, and strength.

Vastu Shastra is going popular day by day in all over the world. People have begun to follow certain practices  Vastu Shastra for master bedroom, which makes the bedroom a delightful and pleasant place to live in. There are such numerous privileges to plan the master bedroom according to the Vastu Shastra for Master Bedroom, which is as follow:

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Vastu For Bedroom brings Positive energies


  • It helps to balance the flow of energies by following the use of Five Elements Theory of Vastu Shastra
  • It helps to provide a calm, healthy, and wealthy life
  • Vastu compliance bedroom promotes peace of mind
  • Raise the inflow of money and wealth
  • invite positive Vibes to your workplace and thereby boost up your career and business growth. If your career place has positive Vibes, you will enjoy remarkable success in your career and growth in business also. To know more about it Click Here
  • Master bedroom Vaastu helps to make relations harmonious and brings the couple closer to each other It is also beneficial to establish the relationship between the family members



Vastu guidelines/Tips for Bedroom Vastu

Here is the amazing principle of the Vastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom


1.- #The Location and direction of Bedroom as per Vastu


  • The South-West is the most suitable direction for the Master bedroom. The South-West indicates the nature of the earth element, which includes power, energy, and strength.

Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani says

  • the bedroom at the South-West: brings success, good health, wealth, and enhances longevity.

Make sure that your bedroom is not in the south-east or north-east direction of a home. As a bedroom in North-East may bring health problems and bedroom in South-East will cause quarrels between the couple or family members.

  • the bedroom in the North or North-east direction: Brings Health problem to Family Members, loss of wealth, delay in marriage of children.

  • the bedroom in the South-east direction: causes quarrels between the couple or family members.

  • the bedroom in the North-West direction: Suitable for unmarried young girls and for those who wish to go abroad



2.- #Shape and Location of Bedroom


  • The Vastu for Bedroom suggests square shaped bedroom by avoiding irregular shapes.
  • Make provision of the bedroom away from the entrance. Only one entry is the best in the bedroom.
  • The appropriate direction for guests’ bedroom is North-West.



3.-# Directions, Location and Placement of Bed according to Vaastu Shastra


There is a whole section of Vastu Shastra called ‘Paryanka (Shyana) Vastu,’ which includes descriptions of the specific dimensions and design of the bed.

  • Use the excellent quality of the wooden Bed; Do not use the metal bed in the bedroom. Make the Bed flat, avoid the extremely hard or quite soft bed.
  • Prefer the regular shape of the bed. Avoid the irregular shape of the bed.
  • Use single Mattress in the double bed.
  • Do not store any items below the bed. It may harm marital relationships.
  • Place the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom.
  • Place the bed away from the walls.
  • Arrange the bed in such a way that it can be reached from both sides.



4.-# Vastu Shastra for Sleeping Position | Bed Cot Position


  • Direction for the head to be placed while sleeping: Make the head of the bed towards the South. Keep the Head in South direction while sleeping. South is also the most suitable sleeping direction for couples. While resting or sleeping, your head must not be towards the North.
  • Arrange the bed below the highest part of the ceiling.
  • Do not put the bed below the beams. If there is a beam, cover it the false ceiling in.
  • Do not place the bed near to a door or a window.
  • Do not put the bed under the ceiling fan or chandelier.
  • Do not use a sharp corner bed. This may create stress in the nervous system.



5.- #Direction, location and Placement of Wardrobe/Almirah in the master bedroom


  • Install the wardrobe in the South, west, or southwest direction of the bedroom. If you have Almirahs and want to know which is the Vastu for almirah position in the bedroom, then place the almirah in South, west, or southwest corner in the room.


6.- #Direction, location, and Placement for dressing table in bedroom


  • Avoid the dressing table or mirror in the bedroom. Avoid installing a mirror in front of the bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is inauspicious.



7.- # Vastu color for bedroom


  • Use the Light tones of blue, Pink, Green, Gray, Use blue, pink, pastel shades of blue, off white, light rose, yellow, and green colors in the bedroom. These color are also suitable for carpets, curtains, etc. as colors for bedroom according to Vastu Shastra
  • Vastu color for bedroom for newly married couples: The color scheme for the bedroom according to Vastu for newly married couples are Pink and yellow colors. Pink & yellow color enhances feelings of love, warmth & romance and thus are more suitable for newly married couples. You must follow the principles of Vastu for the bedroom while selecting colors, curtains, and pillows. Cool colors suggested for Summer periods while in wintertime, warm colors are more suitable.

8.- #Position of Wall clock in Bed Room

  • The Best Place to Install a Wall Clock in Bed Room is North-East, East, or North Direction. Never install a Wall clock in South Direction. Avoid hanging the clock above the door. Clocks should never be non-working, broken, and dirty.



9.- #Vastu painting in bedroom


  • Place the photograph, pictures, statues, paintings, or inspirational quotes in front of the bed.
  • Do not display the picture of war, sad people, single bird, or any wild animals in the bedroom.
  • Do not display photos of deities or in the bedroom.



12 Do's and Don'ts for a Master Bedroom


Also, follow these Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

  1. A couple should not join two separate mattresses to sleep. Use one single mattress for sleep to encourage togetherness,
  2. Keep the center of the Bedroom (Brahmasthana) empty.
  3. Do not put the computer, television, office equipment in the bedroom.
  4. When rising in the morning from the bed, always touch the right foot to the floor first.
  5. Vastu Shastra does not recommend Pooja Ghar in the bedroom.
  6. Make sure that the Southwest corner of the bedroom should not be empty.
  7. Do not place an aquarium in the bedroom.
  8. Keep the bedroom clean, calm, & must have proper ventilation.
  9. In the open the window to make sure that fresh air & sunlight come into the bedroom.
  10. Arrange green color plants with thick rounded leaves or fresh flowers in the bedroom.
  11. Make a proper arrangement of light in the bedroom, neither dim nor so bright.
  12. The bedroom facing the east direction is not suitable for newly married couples. If it is not possible to avoid East facing bedroom by the couple, do the needful remedies applying Vastu for master bedroom east facing the house. The bedroom for children is suitable in the East or North-West direction of the home.

So if you follow Vastu for the master bedroom, they provide calmness & peace, better well-being, improves relationships & enable us to live a better and joyful life.


The wife should sleep on which side of the Husband?

Ans- The husband should prefer to sleep on the right side of Bed In other words the wife should sleep on the left side of the Husband. It will bring mutual understanding between them.

Which Bedroom should be given to Senior citizens who are different from breadwinners?

Ans- Any direction except the South-East can be given to Senior citizens who are different from breadwinners