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Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen Vastu

A kitchen is an essential place of the home where food is cooked or prepared, and where food may be eaten occasionally, Mars and Venus influence the kitchen.

Food has a direct relationship with health. Ayurveda gives definite rules about food, what to eat, how to eat, where to eat and when to eat, if a human being follows these rules, then the human body remains a balance between mind and soul.

The kitchen is a symbol of family wealth. Fresh and prepared food is the most significant wealth of the house. The kitchen is the place that brings affection and warmth among the family members.

Your behavior shows the sacraments; the language shows the country, and the body shows the food.


Kitchen Vastu: A Source of Energy


  1. The kitchen is an integral part of any home; it is the source of energy that you require for day-long activities.
  2. The kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation.
  3. Sunil Mehtani says that a kitchen Vastu brings health, happiness, success, peace, and wealth in the family. It is the origin of pleasure and satisfaction, which kick away all the evil vibrations and negativity from the house. A kitchen, according to the Vastu Shastra, is helpful for the family from ages.


Why is it important to construct the kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra?


a- To refrain from an illness and health problems.


b- To refrain from monetary troubles like a failure, bankruptcy, etc.


c- To refrain from family conflicts like separation, divorce, etc.



15 AskAcharya's Vastu Tips for the Kitchen


Following are the 15 Vastu Tips for a kitchen:


1- Direction and location of the kitchen 

The best direction for the kitchen is in the south-east direction of the main building or flat, where you can take advantage of the Sun rays. Southeast direction has the most sunlight. According to Vastu, the South-east direction is controlled by the lord of fire Agni. Some may ask a question that - Is Kitchen in North-West direction is auspicious? Vastu Shastra for Kitchen says that the second-best place for the kitchen is in the North-West direction. Never make a kitchen in North-East (Ishaan), Brahmasthan, or Southwest.

The kitchen in the southwest direction, make life difficult at home because of clashes. If the kitchen is in the north direction of Kubera's place, expenditure will increase beyond expectations.


2- Direction and placement of Gas Stove

The East is the ideal direction to face while cooking. So, place the Gas Stove in East Direction


3- Direction to face while cooking

While preparing the meal, always keep in mind that your face should be facing towards the East; we do spiritual homage to the Sun by facing east. Do not face towards North while preparing food, as it may cause financial loss while facing west at the time of cooking can cause skin or bone-related problems in the family members. Facing the South at the time of cooking has an adverse effect on female family members.


4- Direction and Location of Pooja Ghar in the Kitchen

The best place to worship in the house is North-East. But due to lack of space in the house, you can make a small mandir in the kitchen. Put the idol picture of Ardhaya Dev in the north-east corner of the kitchen. You can place a small temple of wooden or marble in the North-East corner of the kitchen. If you keen to know what is Pooja Ghar Vastu? Then you may read our article, which enables you to learn  Pooja Ghar Vastu in a better way.


5- Toilet near or adjacent to the Kitchen

If the house is multi-story, then take special care that there is no toilet above or under the kitchen and, as far as possible, and also make the kitchen on the ground floor. Make sure that the toilet and kitchen must never share a common wall.


6- Direction and Position of kitchen Slab

Built the main kitchen Slab in the East or the south-east corner. Place the stove or gas burner in the south-east comer, in such a way that while cooking face must be towards East Zone.


7- Direction and Placement of Sink and Tap in Kitchen

Make the provision of drinking water in the Northeast corner of the kitchen. In the kitchen, water is used for many purposes, i.e., for cooking food, cleaning utensils, and washing dishes. Sinks and taps fulfill the need for water in the kitchen. The best place to install them is in the North-East direction. Make sure that Sinks and taps not installed near a gas stove. The washbasins, sink, taps, and cooking range, which covers the Stove gas cylinder and oven, etc. should never be put on the same platform/slab, parallel or near to each other in the kitchen. Water and fire elements are opposing elements, through harming a person's performance. It can cause arguments among couples or family members.


8- Colours Scheme of the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

The colour of the kitchen should be mind absorbing, always use mild and nutritious colors in the kitchen. Do you know that the natural color of ripe fruits and vegetables is yellow, so the auspicious color of the kitchen should be yellow, orange or pink Orange color increases our appetite

Yellow, orange colors are a symbol of closeness, togetherness, and sympathy among family members.

According to "Vastu Shastra for kitchen color," is that the colors of the floor and the walls of the kitchen should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red. Avoid black color in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, then use light colors.

People generally ask Questions that - Which color is best for kitchen slab according to Vastu? To increase the positivity in the kitchen, use the yellow or orange color for the Kitchen platform or slab. You also use rose, 

 chocolate, or red color for the kitchen's slab, avoid black color for kitchen slab or platform.


9- Direction and Placement of Doors and Windows in the Kitchen as per Vastu

When preparing a layout plan for a kitchen, make sure that there is no main door, staircase in front of the stove. It is not auspicious to have a door on the back while cooking in the kitchen.


10- Lighting  and Ventilation scheme in the kitchen

The kitchen should have natural light and adequate ventilation, keep the windows in the kitchen in the East or North so that the light and air get in plenty in the kitchen.


11- Direction and Placement of Electricals equipment in the kitchen

The best place to install electricals equipment in the kitchen is the South-East corner. Electricals equipment like micro oven-mixer, grinder, etc. installed them in the south-east corner.


12- Direction and Placement of Refrigerator in Kitchen

The refrigerator is used to keep vegetables or food items fresh so that we can arrange the fridge in the North-East or North corner of the Kitchen.


13- Direction and Placement of Cupboards / Cabinet in the Kitchen

Build cupboards in the South, South-West, or West to store kitchen items. Keep the essential commodities of grain, spices, pulse, etc. in the South, South-West, or the West direction Cabinet.


14- Direction and Position of the drainage system in the kitchen

You should always take care that the drainage system is well covered in your kitchen; because of this, there will no problem of flies and insects in the houses.


15- Types of Plant in Kitchen as per Vastu

If your kitchen is a little big and Sun rays come in the kitchen, then you can grow basil, coriander, mint, chili, fenugreek turmeric curry leaves, spinach, etc in pots in the kitchen.



Some Important Vastu tips for kitchen by AskAcharya


  1. Always take care not to place any heavy items in the Brahmasthan of the Kitchen.
  2. Give a sacred offering to fire of the first thing you prepare in the kitchen. It will ensure peace & prosperity in the house.
  3. Clean the kitchen in the night and also clean the used utensils
  4. If there is a dining table in the kitchen, place it on the west side of the kitchen.
  5. Make sure that the gas burner is not placed in front of the main door of the kitchen.
  6. Keep the Lightweight articles/utensils in the East or the north corner of the kitchen.
  7. The mezzanine floor in the kitchen should be in the west or the South.
  8. The kitchen is in the northeast direction may increase the mental tension, and one may suffer high losses.
  9. If you have a large kitchen in your house, you can also arrange to eat in the kitchen; so, you can enjoy fresh food.
  10. In front of the stove in the kitchen, there should not be the toilet, bedroom door, bed, or staircase.
  11. Do not keep items in the kitchen in plastic utensils.
  12. If you need to keep a washing machine in the kitchen, then keep it in the North-West direction of the kitchen.


If you keen to know what is Vastu Shastra? Then you may read our article, which enables you to learn Vastu Shastra in a better way.


The conclusion is that "Health is Wealth" nothing is essential than the health of the family members, follow the tips of "Kitchen Vastu," and live a long-lasting healthy life. If you want to know that your kitchen is according to Vastu Shastra for Kitchen or you need any suggestions or remedies for the kitchen, you may contact Vastu consultant Sunil Mehtani.