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Astrology is the study of planets and how they affect human life. We can always exercise our free will to respond either wisely or unwisely to the challenges and opportunities the planets bring to us.

By the study of astrology, We will be capable of understanding ourselves completely by supporting us to interpret our responses in life. If we can explain the logic behind how we react to planetary transmissions, then we can practice an active role in working with them, rather than automatically responding to them. For this purpose, astrology is both a science of observation and art of interpretation.

The easterly knowledge of astrology is referred to as Vedic astrology or Jyotish, a Sanskrit name arisen from the root Jyoti, which means light. It is the study of the outcomes of heavenly lights on human life.


Diploma in Astrology: Minimum Qualification


The qualification guidelines for admission to Diploma in Astrology are as follows:

1- Appellants who have passed or appeared their class 10+2. ( In any relevant stream)
2- Applicants who have passed class 10th can too take admission in courses.


Medium of Instruction
Hindi or English

Diploma in Astrology: Admission Process

In this course of Diploma in Astrology, the applicant applies for direct admission, and we do not conduct any entrance examination for this course.
Candidates can apply for the courses by visiting the website. All the essential knowledge regarding the date for admission, questionnaire, and additional information will be informed by email or listed on the website. The course would span for six months


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We are the leaders in the field of Astrology. Ask Achara have a house with a panel of Qualified and expert astrologers. The Astrology courses provided at AskAcharya comes from well-renowned faculty of astrologers and scholars who are not just mentors, but they are legends in their fields of Astrology.


Diploma in Astrology: Syllabus and Course Description

You can learn in this course exciting information regarding how planets influence our lives and what good are the Horoscope making/Kundli making and Horoscope matching. Your search for The Astrology course near me concentrates on what’s great about Astrology and how the planets can be held accountable for their influence on us.


Diploma in Astrology: Subjects of study

Module 1 – Basics of Astrology

  • General Astrology
  • Relevance of Astrology
  • History of Astrology
  • Astrology and Science
  • Astrology and Karma
  • Astrology and Psychology
  • Qualification of an Astrologer

Module 2 – Significance, Effects, the role of planets

  • Characteristics of planets, exaltation, debilitation, mooltrikona, combustion, etc.
  • Mutual planetary relationship of planet
  • Significations of planets, signs, and houses
  • Malefic and benefic planets for different ascendants
  • Aspects
  • Avasthas of planets
  • Characteristics of different ascendants
  • Planets in different houses


Module 3 – Planets in various positions of horoscope

Module 4 – characteristics and Effects of Zodiac Signs

  • Signs and their characteristics
  • Ownership of signs

Module 5 – The understanding of Dashas and its impact

Module 6 – Reading of Horoscope

Module 7 – Yogas

  • Yoga by the combination of Planets, Zodiac Signs, and places in the horoscope, Yoga is arising in relation to the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna. Dhan Yogas, Raj Yogas. Mangal Dosha, General rules of the judgment of a horoscope

Module 8 –  Detail Study of Constellations

Module 9 – Defects and Doshas on Horoscope

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