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Vastu for Flat

As we all know, the population of India has increased to a great extent. The Metropolitan cities, especially Delhi and Mumbai, is densely populated. In both cities, the cost of land is very high, and there is also a scarcity of space. Both reasons are responsible for the high rate of residential buildings. People prefer to live in multistoried buildings (flats) as a house that is constructed on their land is not their cup of tea.


Vastu Shastra provides some guidelines not only for the flats but also for the complete Housing Society or apartments. If you follow Vastu's guidelines for housing societies, apartments, or flats, you live a prosperous, healthy, and happy life in your dream house.


Vastu Shastra considers the three main aspects while providing the guidelines for Vastu for flats, apartments or housing societies:--


1- Vastu for multi-story Housing Society


2- Vastu for flat or apartment in that Housing Society


3- Vastu Tips for interiors of the flat or apartment


Vastu for multi-story Housing Society


Vastu Shastra provides the principles for Vastu for a multi-story Housing Society. These principles of Vastu Shastra will be applied as are applicable to the individual house i.e. Flat or Apartment


Suppose you are considering Vastu for or any Housing Society (flat or apartment). In that case, you will have to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra for home by taking the whole of the area of the society as one single plot.

While considering this, you will have to refer the flats as individual rooms in that single plot.

In the present time, it is hardly possible to construct a hundred percent Vastu friendly building. But if it is about 75% Vastu friendly then also it is considered excellent.


For selecting the Housing Society, apartment or flat -- you have to consider the following points as per the requirements of Vastu shastra:--


1- The shape of the plot of society: the plot shape of the society should be regular, i.e., square or rectangular. Avoid purchasing circular, curved, unsymmetrical, shaped plots of the society.

If the plot is irregular shaped, it can be converted into regular shape by cutting the extended portions. These extended portions can be used to make the green area by planting trees, playgrounds, gym libraries, etc.


2- Roads near or around the housing society-- if there are roads in the North or East, it is beneficial to the housing society. If roads are in the West or in the south, there should be more offsets towards the north or the East. In that situation, the housing society should be in the Southwest, West, or South direction.


3- The slope of the plot of hosing society- the slope of the housing society's plot should be towards East, North, or north-east direction. You should follow the principles of Vastu Shastra regarding the slope of the plot.


4- The location and direction of common things: The location and direction of common things, like underground and overhead water tank, lifts, staircase, sports room, watchman post, gym, parking, Garden, Community Centre, etc. should be constructed by following Vastu's principles shastra. The position and location of the temple in the society should be according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. To know more about Vastu CLICK HERE


5- Type of building material-- eco-friendly building material should be used in the construction of housing society. Natural sand, sandstone, lime, bricks, and marble are considered as auspicious and eco-friendly as they have a very positive effect on society's inhabitants.

RCC, glass, steel, granite, quartz are comparatively not so good and auspicious. The usage of unlimited heavy steel has a negative and stressful effect on the inhabitants of the society.

Vastu Shastra suggests the use of auspicious and eco-friendly building material in construction.


Vastu for flat | Apartment


You must keep in mind following Vastu guidelines for buying a Flat:

1- The shape of flat or apartment-- Always prefer regular-shaped flats like square or rectangular. According to Vastu Shastra, never purchase circular, curved, or unsymmetrical shaped flats as they are not considered auspicious.


2- Direction and location of the flat or apartment-- Try your best to purchase the flat in the North, East, and North-East of the housing society as they invite positive energies during the morning and keep the negative forces away from the house.

There should be open space all around the flat in other words, your block should not be Too Close to the other block of the residential society.


3- The facing of the flat or apartment-- Prefer the flat which faces East, North-east, or north direction. The balconies of the flat should be in the north, northeast, or east direction. Balconies in the South are useful during the winter for inviting the sunlight. Avoid purchasing the flat, having balconies only in the south or west direction.


4- Entrance of flat or apartment- If you are going to purchase a flat in the housing society, the Direction of the entrance of Both may differ. So, Vastu for flats entrance and the housing society entrance both should be considered.


5- Leakage or dampness in flat-- never purchase the flat having leakage or moisture. Check the bathrooms and toilets properly regarding this. Avoid buying the flat which comes under the overhead tank of any apartment.


6- Direction and location of a toilet-- never purchase the flat having a toilet in the northeast direction as it is considered inauspicious, according to the Vastu Shastra. It should also not be right at the entrance of the flat.


7- Direction and locations of bedroom- the bedroom should be far away from the main door of the flat and preferably be in the Southwest direction. Bedroom Vastu


8- Direction and locations of the kitchen-- The kitchen should preferably be in the  South-east, or Northwest direction.


Vastu Tips for Flat | Apartment

Vastu Shastra Tips for buying a new flat or apartment you must keep in mind:


1. Keep the northeast direction vacant in the maximum possible way. Place heavy articles like furniture, almirah, etc. along the South and West walls.


2. Keep the center area of your house (Brahmasthana) empty, clear, and free of any articles.


3. Keep the gas stove in the kitchen in the East of south-East. While cooking food, your face should be towards the east direction.


4. Place the bed in the southwest part of your bedroom. Never sleep by keeping your head towards the north direction. Your head should be towards the south or west direction. The bed should be made of wood and a square or rectangular shape.

To know more about sleeping Direction CLICK HERE SLEEPING DIRECTION


5. All the doors Windows and ventilators should be open hand closed freely; they should not create any voice while opening and closing. Vastu for Doors and Windows


6. Keep your main door neat and clean and decorate it to invite the positive energies into the house. You can also draw rangoli in front of the main door. If your main door is in an inauspicious direction, then keep it closed. Vastu for Main Door


7. Refer to light colors to paint the walls like cream, off the white, light green, pink, light blue, etc. Always avoid black, dark Grey, and extremely bright colors.


8. Decorate your house by following the principles of Vastu shastra. Always use auspicious paintings and pictures, photographs, sculptures, etc. Hang the wall clocks in the right direction.


9. Keep the heavy potted plants in the south direction, but the delicate plants and Herbs like Tulsi mint can be placed in North and East.


10. Mend the leaking taps hand nonworking clocks as early as possible. Flowing water from leaking taps main causes wastage of money. Nonworking clocks are also inauspicious for you.


11. Last but not least, proper mahurat or auspicious day and time should be chosen for booking and entering the flat.


If you know how to check Vastu for Flat and its direction, analyze it properly. Otherwise, take the help of a Vastu Consultant. 981010527