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Vastu for Office: Vastu for Office ensures exceptional output, effectiveness in the production, the financial gain in business. Also, Vastu for business/Office provides the overall success; high profits; managing employees properly; efficiency in staff work, an increase in goodwill of the corporate; grow cash flows, and makes a business obstacle-free.

An office is a place wherever no production is taking place. However, it acts as the support center for promoting sales, accounting, administration, and human resource management for the assembly unit. These days increasing the cost of commercial space, many importance is also given to Vastu for Home Office.


Why you need Vastu for Office

Vastu complaint office contributes everything keeping the flow of money, generate good energy, and support to make a firm successful. So it is advisable to consult a Vastu consultant. A Vastu Consultant for Office may recommend several Vastu opinions for office. A Vastu compliance office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps to make the environment energetic and positive, and removes the obstacle coming in the Company.

Vastu Shastra for office helps generate a healthy atmosphere and promotes positive growth and progress. The best Vastu for Office plan deals with all the features of your office. It includes a selection of the plot of land, the construction of the building, placing, and arrangement of the furniture, sitting arrangement of employees, best direction of sit in the office, i.e., Placement as per Vastu for office Boss cabin.


What are the Benefits of Vastu for Office

Vastu Shastra for office is necessary for growth, wealth, and prosperity. It is beneficial to

  • Get maximum Productivity from Staff
  • Arrange Payments on time
  • Have an overabundance of new clients
  • Have happy and satisfied consumers
  • Grow & Expand into new business fields
  • Work at the maximum level
  • Feel active, energetic and vibrant all the time
  • Boost name, fame and reputation
  • Sustain healthy

How Vastu Consultant for Office Helpful?

If you are restoring or buying your office AskAcharya's Vastu consultant Sunil Mehtani can guide you on the following:

Vastu tips for the entrance/gate/door which play a significant role in Vastu.

  • The proper place/site for the Office workplace
  • Office Building exteriors in terms of its slope, shape, hight, etc
  • The direction and placement of different sections of the Office in the building.
  • The most suitable place of the Reception of the Office
  • The positioning and installation of various electronic gadgets 
  • Suggestions for Vastu for office cabin
  • Position of an aquarium: You can make a soothing impression on clients and guests by placing an aquarium or a fountain at the proper place.

Important Vastu Tips for Office Building

  1. The Reception is most beneficial in NE direction, and Staff ought to sit facing towards the North, East, or NE.
  2. The waiting place for guests/clients will be in the Northeast or Northwest direction of the Office Building. [To know more about Vastu Direction CLICK HERE]
  3. The best place for the temple or Mandir is in the Northeast comer of Office Building. [ A complete guide of Vastu for Pooja Ghar ]
  4. The best place of Boss/Head in the Office is Southwest or South corner of the Office building facing towards North, East, or Northeast direction. And also make arrangements of employees to sit facing the North or East or NE.
  5. Rectangular table is suitable as per Vastu principles
  6. Do not make any sitting arrangement under any beam.
  7. Arrange Heavy articles such as heavy almirah, furniture in the Southwest.
  8. The best place of Pantry in the Office is Southeast or West of the Office building.
  9. Never fix any heavy structure or articles like Beam, column Sanitary pipes, etc. in the center of Office (Brahmsthana)

Other Vaastu Tips For Office

  1. Decorate the workplace with light colors.
  2. The North and East direction of Office Building is suitable for doors and windows of the workplace.
  3. Don’t use pictures, paintings, the portrayal of sorrow within the workplace of the office building.
  4. Toilet in office Building suitable in West or North-West side, however, you must avoid it in Northeast North & East. [ To Know more about Vastu forToilet ]
  5. The stairs in South, South-West, or West in Office Building is best. Do not make provision of stairs in the center or Brahmasthan of the workplace.
  6. Arrange proper light in the entrance of the Office and keep it free of a muddle because the dark and congested access is unhealthy for business.
  7. Make a proper arrangement for displaying your Company’s product, their images, or brochures regarding your services at the reception area.
  8. The main door plays a significant role in Vastu Principles. It size to provide the feeling of extravagance instead of restraint. And also keep the door opening obstacle-free. [Main Door Vastu]
  9. Install computers in the Southeast.
  10. Keep the Centre (Brahmsthan) of the workplace clean.


Vastu  for office boss Cabin

Offices and workspaces are the place where wealth is generated and places where one is assumed to be at their productive best. Therefore a flow of energy and sanctity within the workspace/offices is essential, for directors or managers, and also for all the employees of the office. Hereabouts are some points to make your office Vastu compliance.

  • The shape of the Office cabin should be regular, i.e., square or rectangle
  • There should be no hindrances, or 'dvar-vedh', in the face of a door.
  • While entering the Office cabin, a door opening insides is deemed auspicious.
  • The door should be appropriately fitted on its hinges and should be easy to open.
  • The chamber of the head is suggested to be in the southwest direction.
  • The directors/administrators/managers/senior staff should work from south, southwest, or west directions.
  • The directors, managers, and officers should face East, North, or Northeast direction.


Vastu for Office Tables

Which area, place, position, placement, and direction does your desk face? Your job performance is influenced by the direction ( North, South, East, or West) you face at the time of work. Engaging, cutting-edge analysis in the field of neuroscience, explains how facing a specific direction is significant for integrated brain functioning and best mental performance.

Based on studies reveals that on peak brain function show that the firing guides of neurons (brain cells) in the thalamus (which controls sensory data & levels of information, etc.) are significantly distinctive depends on the direction in which a person is facing.

The cell in the nervous system recognizes and reacts to changes in body posture. View in one specific direction, and a particular set of neurons start. Gaze in another particular direction, and a different set begins.

Does Vastu explain what is the best direction for optimal brain performance while you work? Yes, Vastu Shastra tells it.

East and North Direction

That's right. From the study's conclusions, it is strongly indicated that facing east is the most suitable direction to meet for peak work production or performance and all-round mind-body combination.
Next, most beneficial is facing the North direction. The South and West direction are deemed unfavorable and should be avoided as far as possible.

Vastu for Office Toilets

In the olden days, toilets are not the part of Vastu for home, toilets retained separately from home. Although, these days, toilets and bathrooms are combined into homes and offices. Vastu Shastra advises the best location of toilets is in the Northwest or West side of the home or office. As per Vastu Shastra, you must avoid a toilet in the center of the office (Brahmsthana) or the Northeast direction of a building.

Also, in a bathroom or toilet, the commode should be in the West or Northwest side of the room with somebody sitting on it facing the North or South direction. The Mirrors are arranged solely on the North or East sidewalls. Vastu Shastra is also particular in the installation of doors and windows in bathrooms and toilets. The East or North being better locations for windows and the doors. Vastu also guides the choice of colors where lighter shades are considered promising.

Vastu for Office Conference Room or Meeting Room

Conferences are amazing devices for creating plans for projects, generating opinions and ideas, and managing group activity. Without Vastu, face-to-face connections with organization members and colleagues can easily fail despite enough preparation and efficient management.

Ever visit an office meeting at the office conference center, where the room looked uninspiring?
Maybe there was too much disarray, or the tables and chairs were disorganized. Or maybe the place was too little or too massive for the size of the group members. Whatever the case, an inadequately planned conference room can close up as more further of a distraction than a place of production and can critically influence the result of a meeting. Meeting in a dull, dull conference room might not motivate despite the competent person to deliver up and take appropriate action, heading to an unfruitful & uncomfortable conference.

The power of Vaastu, an ancient architecture, has been producing harmony & creativity in the meeting place, increasing productivity and encouraging members to deliver their energy as well as their brilliant ideas.

Vastu for Office Meeting Room: The meeting room is small or middle-sized, cubicle or cabin often made with see-through stuff like glass. Here regular small or interdepartmental conferences take place. Usually, if such a cabin is located near the reception area, then it is for outsiders, clients, consumers, and different such general meets. In all instances, if this section is built as per Vastu principles, it gets a positive environment. Arrange meeting room such a way that the office's delegates and officers get the most dominating positions, and outsiders to use the relatively weaker direction so that the outsider may not suppress your spokesperson.

So if you follow Vastu Shastra principles for Vastu for Office it ensures overall growth of the firm, helps to tackles staff, helps to make the environment energetic and positive and removes the obstacle coming in the Company growth.