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Best Vastu Tips for School

Students are the fate of a country, and they play a vital part in forming the destiny of the country. So School, as well as other Educational institutes, should be planned precisely.

So, it becomes crucial to building such a structure according to Vastu guidelines/beliefs. As well as, it is also essential for the students to not feel stressed and over-worked. Otherwise, they would not be capable of producing excellent outcomes. Vastu planning for School is vital to reach the set purposes and promote a strong, secure, healthy, and competing for the atmosphere in School.



Vastu Shastra for School


Vastu Consultant for School says A school is the establishment of learning and knowledge and a place of forming a great prospect. Best Vastu expert design solid support so, you can expect from kids to get the precise expertise to deliver a pleasant outcome. Vaastu of school reviews every appearance that provides to getting its students excellent, eminent, and competitive. A Vastu expert guide you to get the desired results. School Vastu provides to makes the students sharp, bright, creative, intelligent, and brilliant through improving concentration power and be stress-free. A Vastu consultant also keeps in mind all directions as directions play a vital role in our life. Hence School Vaastu is useful for all Schools and institute.



Vastu Tips for School

The following are the Vastu tips for School:


1. #The plot of school Building


At the time of the selection of plot for the school building, you must take care that it is a regular shape, i.e., rectangular, square. Regular shape plots are considered auspicious for a school building plot. Irregular shape plot i.e., triangular, circular, irregular shape, extended corner plot for school is not suitable.


2. #Entrance in the school building

For any institution, offices, factories, etc., entrance from East, North-East, and North is considered very auspicious, and School does not have an exception for that. So, make an entrance in East, North, or Northeast direction in School/institutes building. If the school building is too big and two or more entrances needed to abstain from chaos and easy movements of students, make entrances in these directions.


3. #Construction of School Building


Construct the Building in South, West, and Southwest direction of the School's plot. Give ample open space in the East and Northeast in School/institutes building.


4. #Class Room in Schools


Many classrooms are needed in any Scool building. The door of Classrooms should be in the East, North, and NE. Make the sitting arrangement of students in such a way that no student sits under the beam. At the time of the study, students must face toward East, North-East, or North direction.


5. #The sitting arrangement of teacher

Built the platform of the teacher's desk some feet high from the ground. He must be in a position to have a complete look and control the class from there.


6. #Water arrangement in School


Make arrangements of drinking water in East, North-East or North direction of School building.

  • East, North-East or North direction of School building: Drinking Water, Swiming pools, Fountains, underground water tanks etc.
  • South-West direction of School Building: The overhead water tank


7. #Color in the School Building


The most suitable color of the classroom is white, light yellow, light green, and cream because

  • The white color is pure color and a combination of all colors. 
  • The Yellow color belongs to Jupiter, also known as guru governs higher education and knowledge also helps to bring good fortunes.
  • Green color belongs to Mercury's planet of learning and writing. The Mercury rules that part of the intelligence, which is susceptive to cultivation through research, precept, observation, and reproduction. Maroon, light yellow, light green, and cream colors are suitable or the exterior of the school Building


8. #Laboratory in school


Make the laboratory in the South-East direction of the main building. At the time of practice in the laboratory, the students should face the East or North direction.


9. #Placement of Electrical equipment


South-East is the best place of electric equipment like a generator, a Main supply of power, electric meter, main switches, etc. School management must make proper arrangements for fire extinguishers in the school building. The best place of fire extinguishers is in the south-East.


10. #Placement of Staff Room


Make provision of the Staffroom for working staff and teachers in Northwest of School or institutes building. There should be proper light and ventilation in the staff room. Also, arrange Pantry drinking water and tea in Staffroom.


11. #Toilets in School


Built Toilets in the Northwest direction of the school plot, and you must avoid it in the North, Northeast or East direction of the school building. Seat direction in the toilet should be in such a way that students face towards South or North at the time of using the toilet.


12. #Location of Canteen in School


Make provision of kitchen, Pantry, or canteen in the school or institute in the Southeast or Northwest corner of the school building.


13. #Location of Principles room in Scool Building


The principal's office or Management department must be constructed in the Southwest or South direction of the school Building. Make sitting arrangement in such a way that they sit facing towards North, North-East, or East at the time of their activity.


14. #Location of Playground in School


Playground in School in school is an integral part of the School Building. A playground is the best place where students get stress free and utilize their extravagant activities. Make provision of Playground in the East, North, or North-East direction of School/institutes building. These directions enable students towards achievement and assists in improving their abilities and skills.


15. #Reception counter in School


Reception is best in the East or North or north-East corner of School Buiding. A reception is a place in a school where one gets quarries regarding school, admissions, fees, syllabus, subjects, teachers, and courses. According to School Vastu, it is feasible to have a Reception counter near the main entrance and on the ground floor of the school building. 



16. #Library in the school


The west is the best direction for the Library in the school or institute Building. Make the sitting arrangement in the library such a way that the student’s face towards the North-East, East, or North direction while studying. Make cabinet for books in West, South-west, and south walls. Make the cabin of the library in charge in South-west direction of the library


Vaastu Shastra tip for School


A Vastu consultant for School takes care of the following points while examining the Vastu of School or the institution. School Vaastu includes a careful examination.


  • The location of the school/institute


  • The surrounding environment of the school/institute


  • The exteriors/elevation of the school/institute like shape, slope, height, the water resources


  • The interiors/elevation of the school/institute


  • The position of the beams and column


  • The direction of the doors/Entrance of classroom, office, school/institute building, etc


  • The position and placement of the windows, doors


  • The position and placement of the temple/mandir


  • The position and placement of the classrooms


  • The position and placement of the students' furniture


  • The position and placement of the principal room


  • The position and placement of the staff room


  • The position and placement of the Library


  • The position and placement of the laboratory


  • The position and placement of the medial room


  • The position and placement of the administration block


  • The position and placement of the canteen, pantry/kitchen


  • The position and placement of the dining hall


  • The position and placement of the Playground


  • The placement and installation of electrical equipment like generators, inverters, etc. in the school


  • The position and placement of the toilets in the school


  • The location and position of the stairs in the school building


  • The position and placement of the water resources, i.e., water boring, underground water tank, etc.


  • The position and placement of the overhead water tank


  • The placement and installation of the septic tank or the garbage


  • The position and placement of the parking


  • The position and placement of the staff quarters


  • The position and placement of the boys/girls hostel