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If you are going to start or renovate your shop or showroom and desire to get success and earn profit in your business, you require to follow Vastu Shastra for shop recommendation. The shop Vastu or showroom Vastu should be such that it should fulfill the primary purpose of the business that is the maximum sale and good profits. If you follow the principles of Vastu, then you will have more customers, more sales as well as good profits and goodwill. For running your business, you should open your shop at some suitable place. The shop or showroom may be your own or rent one. For running the business smoothly and earn a profit, it is advised to set the shop according to the principle of Vastu Shastra.


Vastu Shastra for Shop


Today many people feel that despite hard work and many efforts, they are not earning expected profits but suffering losses. Hence Vastu consultant for shop recommends the following tips while planning a shop Vastu. By doing so, you make not only the monetary profits but also the peace of mind.


Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Shop/showroom

By following the Vastu principles in the shop/ showroom, you will feel that it draws more customers with repeating purchases.

  • Consumers must have a nice feeling while they move inside the shop.
  • It also improves the progress as well as brings prosperity
  • For a shop, a good Vaastu layout, simultaneously with Vaastu interiors, serves as a skilled and active salesman.


A shop or showroom is idéntified by its name & goodwill. There are many factors which may govern for earning capacity and goodwill. These goals may quickly perceive if a shop is Vastu compliance.  A Vastu compliant shop is built with proper shop site, shop facing direction, size of the shop, adequate planning of sale counter, cash counter, placement of showcase, sitting arrangement shop owner, the direction of the mandir, arrangement of drinking water. You must follow Vastu's principles to make their shop according to Vastu norms to make overall success, peace, and financial growth.  


The shop may be one's own or a rented one. For a flourishing business, it is essential to make the shops or showroom according to the teachings of 'Vastu Shastra for shop.' and take care of following:

  • The seating system and interior inside the shops or showroom are made according to these beliefs of Vastu
  • The direction of the shop is facing.
  • The door by which a consumer enters the shop.


Generally, it is deemed the door to enter the shop, is the facing of the shop. But it is not always correct for a multi-story or two or more sides open shop or showroom.



Which shop facing is auspiciousness?


Vastu for shop facing says: -

Shop facing East: East-facing shop gives power, position, and prosperity.

Shop facing North: Kuber is direction lord of the north, as well as Mercury, is planetary lord of North direction. It bestows wealth, vitality, prosperity

Shop facing South: shops facing south is belive to bring loss or obstacle

Shop facing West: shop facing west intermittent profit & loss 

South facing shop considered inauspicious as it is believed that the south-facing shop generates problems and gives losses. It not true a lot of factors also govern besides facing the shop. If it is a public market, where the shops are facing each other, then South-facing shops are no more inauspicious. If your shop is south facing and you are facing any troubles you must follow shop Vastu or consult a Vastu Expert for Vastu advice 


Guidelines to be followed for Vastu Shasta for shop


  • Proper location of the shop/ showroom


  • The exterior of the shop, like shape, slope, height, water level, etc.


  • The direction of the entrance


  • The direction and position of the doors and windows


  • The location of the beams column


  • The direction and position of the cashier


  • The direction and placement of the employees


  • The direction and position of the owner


  • The direction and arrangement of the goods for sale


  • The direction and placement of the products to the store


  • The direction and placement of the safe and almirahs


  • The direction and placement of AC/ cooler/ audio systems


  • The direction and placement of the pantry or kitchen


  • The direction and location of temple/ Mandir in the shop


  • The direction and location of the toilets


Which shop is auspicious Gaumkhi shape or Singmukhi Shap?


Gaumukhi shape shop: A shop has a smaller width in the front compare to its length; it is known as the Gaumukhi shape shop. Gaumukhi shape shop is not considered favorable for the shop.


Singhmukhi shape shop: A shop has more width in front of a shop compare to its rear, it is known as Singhmukhi shape shop. Singhmukhi shop is auspicious and profitable for business prospects.

We understand that due to many reasons, it may not be possible for every shopkeeper to approach an expert Vastu consultant. For Vastu for the shop, many Vastu tips are available. According to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, AskAcharya are suggesting some of these tips support the entrepreneurs

Guidance for Vastu for shops and showrooms is based on the in-depth study of many determinants. Which may include the location, place of the shop, exteriors of the shop, slope, and shape of the plot for the shop, the position of cash counter, seating position of the owner and the employees, the arrangement of goods, direction for the entrance, exit, etc.


Tips Vastu For Shops


  1. Vastu for Shops make the seating system of the owner in such a way that he faces towards the East, North-East, or North direction during his day's activities
  2. Vastu Shastra does not give the advice to sit facing towards the South and West directions in daily routine activities as it may create trouble and loss in the business.
  3. An irregular shape, triangular shape, extended corners (other than the North and Northeast.) shops are inauspicious. Irregular shape shop may cause a loss in business.
  4. The square or rectangular shape shop is auspicious. Irregularly shaped shops are expected to make a loss to the firm.
  5. While building the shop, make sure that there is no slope towards the main door of a shop, it may prevent the profit in business.
  6. Built small Mandir/temple or prefer placing the statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the right or North-East direction of the shop.
  7. Place the Cash counter in such a way so that cash counter open towards the North and create locker or cash room in the South-west opening in the North.
  8. Place heavy almirah or safe, in the South or Southwest corner of the shop. Make sure that the opening of the almirah or safe should be towards the North.
  9. Keep the heavy items on the Southwest corner of the shop.
  10. Place the Computer, television, or other electronic devices in the Southeast corner of the shop.
  11. All the doors of the shop must open inside it will help to preserve the positive energy within your shop.
  12. Make sure that the door and also the latches of the door are not noisy.
  13. You may Beautify your shop's premises by planting small beautiful plants in the North and East corner.
  14. Any violation or extension of the wrong direction may produce bad luck, losses in the business.
  15. Vastu recommends the entrance of a shop in the East or Northeast direction.

To sum up, shop or showroom where we do business or work should also be according to Vaastu Shastra principles. Most of our life we spent here. If the Vastu is followed here, then the shop or showroom business will run in a good environment and show an increase in growth year after year.