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Vastu for doors and windows

Vastu for doors and windows: The doors and windows require considerable care. Besides external frameworks and interiors too, there are many additional viewpoints, which require attention at the time of planning and design.


Vastu Tips for doors and windows


Here are some Vastu tips for Doors and Windows that you must always keep in mind at the time designing and planing the doors and the windows 
Here are Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Doors and Windows:


1. It is Vastu compliance if you keep the maximum number of doors and windows open in the North Zone and East Zone of the building and avoid constructing the doors and windows at the South and the West Side to prevent the impact of negative energy.


2. You must keep in mind that the main door of a home must be bigger and tallest than any other door in the home. Make the main door more beautiful to obtain for luck and prosperity.


3. Make the Doors and Windows in all rooms of equal size. The doors and windows in the north and the east side should be bigger than in the South and Westside.


4. Make sure that your doors and windows are constructed with the identical stuff, preferably teakwood since it is considered to bring in good luck. Though, avoid using neem wood and metal fabrics for the main door.


5. There should be even numbers of windows and doors in a house such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. but you must avoid total ten or its multiples. (count doors and windows separately).


6. Two apartments facing each other must not open their main gates towards each other. Such doors are considered extremely inauspicious and receive negative energy.


7. Make all windows ideally be of an asymmetrical pattern and proportionate in height and length. You must avoid shape unevenly and inconsistently sized windows, as they bring unluck. Irregularly sized doors or square shape doors are not prescribed and are deemed inauspicious. 


8. Do not construct a door in the middle of a wall though it should not be in an extreme corner.


9. Doors and Windows should not make noises. Make sure that the links of your doors and windows are well oiled and open and close smoothly. Replace the broken doors immediately to avoid the arguments. if a door or Window is making screeching noise while movement, such a door along with chowkhat, should be replaced quickly.


10. It is essential to make provision of cross-ventilation while fitting doors and windows. Doors and windows should be placed in building in such a way that maximizes daylight and air can pass through the house.


Main Door Vaastu

The main door of the residence is the face of a human being. The main door should produce positive vibes. You must follow the principles of Vaastu for the Main Door. Follow proper Muhurat & Pooja for fixing the Main door. Any dwar vedha or an obstacle like a tree, an electric or telephone pole, mud, wall, well, stone, ditch, generator set, temple, open-drain, or any deserted building, etc. should not be opposite the main door.

The main entrance door should also be taken into consideration while the application of Vastu to your house.

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