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The planet Saturn is also known as Sanaischara. Planet Saturn is the outermost planet amongst the planets and is the servant of the planetary cabinet. It is tamsik, airy and a shudra. Manda is also another name of planet Saturn.


Planet Saturn needs about thirty years to complete an orbit around the Sun. Hence on average, planet Saturn remains in a sign for about two and a half years. The Saturn - the Son of SUN in Vedic astrology, is also known as ’Yama’ as well as ‘Manda’ as he is the chief governor for longevity.


Nature of Planet Saturn

As per Vedic Astrology, the character of Saturn is cold, bare, dry, dull, phlegmatic, melancholic, muddy, earthy, and masculine. In a birth chart/horoscope, if the planet Saturn is well-positioned or well aspected, the native will be grave, profound, wise, prudent, judicious, cautious, and will have great organizing and administrative ability.  Afflicted Saturn person is likely to be biased, greedy, moody, irritable, sad, depressed, dissatisfied, and always complaining. The planet Saturn controls the teeth, bones spleen, joints, knees, right ear, and sense of hearing. He manages bricklaying, stoneware, pottery, masonry, workmanship, plumbing, and other laborious and uncongenial work.


Planet Saturn signifies aged persons, thin, nervous, neurotic, dark, reclusive-also farmers, miners, laborer, coal and junk dealers, property owners, etc. Planet Saturn controls land, property, mines, lead, and dealings in real estate. The person influenced by the planet Saturn is extremely sensitive, but he hides his emotions and sentiments below a cover of the reserve. If often criticized, they withdraw from association, and their growth, progress, and development are much delayed.


lanet Saturn is beneficial for persons born in the signs under Venus i.e., Tauras or Libra and also in Mercury sign i.e., Gemini or Virgo. He is also helpful when he is in his sign i.e., Capricon or Aquarius, or when Saturn occupies the signs of Jupiter or when he is exalted in a Birth chart/horoscope. Planet Saturn, when beneficial, makes a native true, reliable, authentic, honest, noble, sincere, faithful, and pure. Planet Saturn aids attention, concentration, meditation, prayers, etc. Saturn is the chief ruler for longevity and hence called Ayush Karaka. If he occupies the house of longevity, the 8th house in a birth chart/horoscope, the person receives a long span of life.
A good Saturn denotes Beauty, refinement, good marriage, comfort, happiness, capacity for enjoyment, satisfaction, affection, love for fine arts, easy living, vehicles, attractive eyes, wealth.


Negative Effects of Saturn

A troubled marriage, divorce, separation, scandals, monetary loss, etc.
Saturn is lean, tall, and has a weak stooping figure, tan tone, stiff hair and limbs, lame, huge teeth, shaggy eyebrows, dirty and angry, old and wears black, and also full of wind.


Will, Endurance, economy, thrift, saving, industrious, patience, endurance, confidence, courage, secrets, unchanging stability, sense of control, sense of service, efficiency, caution, attention, concentration, sincerity, justice, poverty, death, misfortune, hardship, delays, obstacle, chronic diseases, old age, laborious and menial work
longevity, sorrow, pain, grief, misery, old age, death, poverty, denial, distant sites, untruth, foreigners, sins. Cavity, chronic, incurable illnesses, 
arthritis, limbs.

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