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Vastu for career | Vastu for Business Growth

A successful career is essential to all of us. Some of us want promotion and salary hike while others wish to business growth. Our profession is affected by the positive and negative energies in its surroundings.

If the career place is full of positive Vibes, the opportunities for the career are maximum. On the other hand, if there are negative energies, chances of getting promotions or business growth are limited. If negative Vibes surround your career place, it may hamper the growth of your career.

Problems like finding a good job, lack of promotions, no salary hike, conflicts with the seniors and colleagues, etc. may be faced by you.
On the other hand, if your career place has positive Vibes, you will enjoy remarkable success in your career and growth in business also.

Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing energies. Vaastu Shastra brings luck to your professional life. It brings positivity at your working place. There are some Vastu Shastra tips which, if applied efficiently and adequately, invite positive Vibes to your workplace and thereby boost up your career.

Vastu tips for career | business growth

  • At your workplace, avoid sitting under the beam.
  • You should also avoid sitting with your back towards the entrance door. Prefer to sit facing the entrance.
  • It will help if you sit, preferably with a wall behind your back. A wall behind the back represents support.
  • Never keep or hang any pictures which enhance negativity. Avoid the images of war, thorny plants, dry trees, crying lady, sad faces, etc. Instead, keep or hang pictures of water bodies and mountains.
  • Prefer to sit in the southwest direction in your office facing East or North direction while working.
  • Make sure that the center of your office (brahmasthan) is clutter-free and vacant. It means, does not keep any furniture or heavy material there.
  • Make sure to keep your workplace well lit. It means to avoid any darkness there.
  • Try to keep a laughing Buddha statue at your workstation.
  • Avoid any metal or plastic furniture in the work area. Instead, keep wooden furniture there. Also, remove any broken furniture from there.
  • It would be best if you never used any irregular shaped and sharp-edged desk and table in the office.
  • Sitting in a high back chair is best as these help in enhancing career opportunities. Always avoid sitting cross-legged in office.
  • Keep plants in the southeast corner of the office for money growth.
  • Fix any leaking taps immediately as it may result in financial loss.

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