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The Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology: The Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology is the nearest planet to the Earth. The planet Moon is the single asteroid in the solar system which rotates around the Earth.
The Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology is Satvik, watery, and Vaishya. It is also called as Indu.


The Planet Sun is the dynamo of power; the Moon is the conductor of energy given by the Sun. The Moon glows in the reflected ray of the Sun.


In Astrology, Moon is the karaka of the mother. Moon governs the impregnation, conception, birth of a child, the animal instinct, the union, and the fetus.


Afflicted Planet Moon at the time of the birth of a child affects sicknesses often and does not allow having proper growth. The Person governed by Moon usually has white skin and beautiful eyes.


People are plump and of small height. They walk with a rolling action. Moon’s influence is said to be cold, moistened, phlegmatic, tiresome, soft, and feminine. Moon also controls over liquids, freshwater, milk, commodities like groceries, fish, drinks, etc., also sailing, brewing, nursing, and women in common. The Moon affects the growth of life, including plants. Moon rules the brain, mind, feeling, breasts, the left eye of the male, and the right eye of the female.


People governed by the Planet Moon are usually delicate, sensitive, weak, nervous, worried, tense emotional, and domesticated, having a love for home and family. They would have a sound memory. Owning a rich vision and being also very careful and reliable, they face with several ups and downs in their life. They are pretty sensitive and mediumistic and usually own artistic ability. Their passion inclination will be towards the water and natural beauty. Moon has a slim but large roundish body. Charming appearance, beautiful soft eyes, fine thin and curled hair, clear, bright, dewy complexion, amenable but restless nature, white robes, sweet tongue, phlegm and wind in the constitution


indulgence in eating, drinking or pleasure, or maybe too changeable, negative and uncertain, Person ruled by Moon do well as nurses, cooks, confectioners, grocers, gardeners, matrons, dealers in liquids, stewards, clerks, companions and in other occupations of a common, public or fluctuating nature.
Good placed Moon represents Happiness from mother, elegance, charm, beauty, grace, good health, especially in childhood, sensitivity, emotional maturity, wealth, responsiveness, fame, popularity, creativity, fertile imaginations, artistic.


Results of malefic Moon is Ailment in infancy, problem to mother, unfortunate, psychological disturbance, low-spirited, timid. Malefic ill-placed Moon is found in the birth charts of offenders, criminals, violent, insane and lunatics’, neurotics


It denotes Mother, mind, Moola, emotion, beauty, grace, water products, watery animals, and activities connected with water, liquids, milk, perfumes.
Mental illness, blood disorders, water in body and ailments connected with water like urinary, liver, spleen etc. flesh, cheeks, left eye.

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