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Vastu for Children Room

Children's room is a hub of recreation, fun, and place of energetic activities; thus, it becomes essential to follow basic rules of Vaastu to taken care of to make your child an all-rounder. Vaastu compliant room suggests placing everything at its proper order/location, such as study table, bed, bathroom, clock, window, door, etc

The best direction of a child's bedroom is on the east side of the house. Northeast and east are suitable for children. In the East direction, sattva and rajas energy supports new life and growth. Northwest is the other proper direction for children.


  1. A child should sit facing east or north or NE while studying.
  2. The bed should be pleasantly decorated.
  3. Place the study table along the east wall towards the northeast and must be placed a few inches away from the walls. Leave a small gap between the northeast and the study table. It should not touch the wall.
  4. While studying, never keep your face towards the bed to avoid the idea of sleep.
  5. For children who want to leave home for higher studies, bedroom in the northwest of the house is the best or put the bed in the northwest corner of there bedroom.
  6. The West sector of Saturn is the best direction of serious or research type of studies.
  7. The child's bedroom must have a place to keep rewards a child's work and accomplishments in a showcase. It will reinforce the process of career building.
  8. Keep the bed in the South-west portion of the child should sleep with the head towards the South.
  9. Avoid TV, computer/laptop in the children's room as they affect a child's concentration.
  10. To add peace & freshness in your child's mood, brush up his room with Green or Blue color.

Converting your child's room with a Vaastu set of rules can perhaps give you positive results making your child obedient and progressive.

Summing up, a bedroom must nurture your child's mind, body, and soul-filling him with a deep sense of sensible life.