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  • 23rd Apr 2020

The Best Sleeping Direction | You must Know

In this article, you will know:

Which direction is best for good sleep?

Which is the best direction of the head while sleeping?

After the day's long and hard work to relax, a night of sound sleep is a must to enjoy another day's activities in a pleasant and secure place. We spend approx a one-third time of our lives in sleep. So it may be interesting to know:


1.- What is the Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu Shastra?


2.- What is the Best Sleeping Direction as per Feng Shui?


3.- What is the Best Sleeping Direction as per AYURVEDA?


4.- What is Best Sleeping Direction and electromagnetic energy?


Why is good sleeping a must?

Sleeping is a necessity to recharge our physical vitality. Good sleep is must refrain from health issues, evil dreams, sleeplessness, despair, worry, and depression. Sleeping time is time to skip, to let go of everyday problems, worries, distress, and anxieties. A profound sleep fills us with peace, harmony, delight, happiness, freshness, and keeps you ready to welcome a new day. Quality of sleep is more worthy than the length of sleep.


Now we come into the point


1.- What is the best place and sleeping direction as per Vastu Shastra?


Vastu Shastra is deemed a divine science that assists people to experience a stress-free living. Vaastu Shastra advises the direction of Sleeping and also assists in generating an environment for you to feel completely safe, secure, relaxed, and get sound sleep while sleeping.

Vastu Shastra emphasized the sleeping place and even direction of the head while sleeping.


(a) Which sleeping direction is best for good sleep?

The best sleeping direction or place

The covered directions - Southwest, South, and West direction - are best for positioning of bedrooms in any home.  The South-West is the earth's elements direction with its features of weight and strength. The earth element is the stable element and therefore gives the quiet, calm, peaceful, and comfortable states for having a deep sleep.


(B) Which is the best direction of the head while sleeping?


As per Vastu Shastra the Sleeping direction of the head should point towards South direction though it can point East or West too but never place your head in North direction; in other words, never keep your legs toward South while sleeping.


South: South is the best direction for having a sound sleep. If one's sleep placing the head in the South direction, increase wealth and prosperity.


East: Sleeping head towards the East gives mental peace, and increase a liking for spiritualism. East brings enlightenment to the subconscious. it will help to improve your knowledge


West: West is the direction of lord Varuna who rules the mysterious and unknown world of the night time. Sleeping head towards the west gives name, fame, and prosperity.


North: You should never place your head toward the North as it will cause disturbed sleep, bad dreams, evil thoughts crop up in mind, and also brings ill health.


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2.- What is the Best Sleeping Direction as per Feng Shui?


Feng shui is a study of how to create a beautiful environment. Fengshui adopts principals of balance and creates symmetry in nature by balancing invisible and visible energies. Vaastu Shastra gives value to direction, whereas feng-shui deals with the position of rooms and doors. Though the feng shui list and conveys the essence of five elements, wind and air are not one of them.

A bedroom should be situated as far away from the front door as possible. You will not only feel safer but can also avoid the noise problem; Sound sleep requires a calm and quiet environment.

The foot of occupants in the bed should not face straight at the main entrance of the room.

There should be one entrance to the bedroom. Make this room a peaceful, quiet, and secluded area.

It should never be used as a passage; otherwise, the occupants will not be able to sleep peacefully.

The pillows and mattresses should be neither too hard nor too soft.

Place the bed in the southwest corner along the South or West wall in a location where the occupants can view anyone arriving in the bedroom.

The bed should not touch the walls.

The free space all around the bed helps in easy cleaning and proper air circulation.


4.- The electromagnetic field of the earth and Sleeping direction


The electromagnetic field of the earth lays an impact on us. The head of the human body corresponds to the North Pole. While Sleeping, if the head is kept towards the North direction, the magnetic balance gets disturbed and badly affects blood circulation.

Ayurveda also suggests harmonizing sleeping direction and bodily element

In this theory Bedroom place can be selected according to element type:

Vata (air), Pitta (fire), or Kapha (phlegm) 

Pitta nature: South-east is the field of the fire element. Anybody having a pitta nature should not sleep SE direction instead should prefer to sleep in the north-east direction. North-east is the area of water, which will quiet down the fiery nature and assist him in relaxing.

Vata nature: Fire and air are friendly elements. Therefore, a person having a Vata nature should not sleep south-east or north-west direction. Northwest is the area of air element and movement. He should prefer sleeping in the South-west or north-east direction.

Kapha nature: a person owning a Kapha constitution should not sleep in the north-east direction, which is the area of water element. 


Summing up, four main criteria you should be followed for Sleeping direction:

  1. Sleep in Southwest, South, or west sectors of your home.
  2. The Sleeping direction of the head should point towards South direction 
  3. Your bedroom should be farthest from the main entry.
  4. Visibility of incoming persons.


These four factors have a mixed impact on sound sleep. Apply these rules according to your requirements. If you find it tough, consult a Vastu expert to assist you with the arrangement of your bed and to get the best sleeping direction.

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