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Birth Time Rectification

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Birth Time Rectification: Birth Time Rectification Report is very useful If you do not know your birth time, Ask Acharya Qualified Vedic Astrologers team will assist you in finding your correct birth time which is needed for preparing Birth Chart or Horoscope. You have to share with us some major key events of your life; Our Astrologer will 'reverse-engineer' the precise birth time for you. Ask Acharya's expert and experienced Vedic Astrologers will deliver an accurate birth time of you. If you are keen to know your accurate Birth Time, you may contact us to know the exact birth time.

The future predictions without accurate Birth Time or before rectifying the time are the main reason that the predictions may go wrong. Birth time rectification report is one of the unique services of Ask Acharya, which assists you to know your exact birth time.


Ask Acharya's Birth Time Rectification method


The important events of your life are taken into consideration to suit with horoscope.

The whole horoscope is examined thoroughly. And if any events of life do not match with the given Birth Time, then Birth time is adjusted according to the occurrence of the events of life.

To get the Birth Time rectification report, you require to give the date of some important life events. Ask Acharya's Astrologers team requires the time of significant life events as these events are a helpful tool for the preparation of the Birth Time Rectification report.


Importance of Birth time Rectification

Rectification of birth time in a natal chart is necessary because a little difference in time may lead to a notable variation in the native's interpretation/prediction.


What is the Birth Time Rectification Process?

Birth Time Rectification is not an easy task. Our experienced and qualified astrologers are assisting this service after analyzing several guidelines to match the event;


These criteria are discussed below.

  • Nature of the person
  • Accidents, major illness
  • Main exam pass date
  • Time of Marriage (date, month, year)
  • Divorce time
  • Re-marriage date
  • Baby birth as accurate as possible
  • Miscarriage date if any
  • Job change if applicable
  • date of starting a new Business
  • The honor, any award
  • Loss of near and dear in the family etc.

In the case of a young person, this becomes more challenging since matching criteria is restricted. In such a case, several other factors are studied.