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Love Marriage Compatibility

Rs. 1100

Love Marriage Compatibility Consultation: This report description assists you to choose your love/ life companion. Our renowned and qualified astrologers assess the compatibility within couples to detect if their planets support a healthy and strong relationship bond. By using your horoscope or birth chart, we will examine your affection, intimacy, friendship, love, closeness with your spouse/ love partner. And also help to find whether there is harmony or disharmony in the marital bond. Our Astrologer additionally recommends powerful Vedic remedies to deliver you relief and happiness. These remedies did not merely provide you a comfortable and trouble-free life although additionally make you and your partner deeper caring and receptive to each other.

 In our eternal experience, while studying Vedic Astrology, we are yet to come across a question that cannot be answered with the aid of Vedic Astrology.

You may too ask the question into your mind or anything extremely personal that you would not like to talk or discuss with any other. Our educated specialists Astrologer will provide the guidance you might have been seeming. Here are the some routinely asked inquiries:

Love, Marriage or Love marriage?

Success in love, the timing of the wedding, how a delay in marriage, conflict in love/marriage, whether missed love will grow again. Moreover, when will I find love of my life/soul partner, information about spouse - likely description, etc., separation, divorce, second/ many marriages, which person to choose for the wedding, etc.

This is helpful to give the birth details of your mate, partner, or friend if possible in the events section. It will make the analysis further comprehensive.

  1. The total number of points is 36 for the match
  2. Evaluating harmony
  3. The whether made to living together
  4. Position in society due to wedding
  5. Sensual performance, attraction & satisfaction
  6. Children Prospects
  7. Level of luck for each other
  8. Intellectual & feels towards each other
  9. Nature, temperament, personality & social compatibility
  10. Mangal Dosha and matching with each other

Final score with a suggestion if the match is suitable to persist.

  1. The basic number of point outs of a total of 36
  2. Level of compatibility and harmony in life
  3. Vibes towards each other
  4. Advice on how to overcome imperfect areas, so that smooth relationship growth is possible.