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Residential Vastu

Vastu for Residential: In Sanskrit term, Vaastu means a house or home using an identical plot or land. The underlying origin is vas "to reside, live" The expression Shastra could loosely be interpreted as "philosophy, remain, schooling." These include Vastu Vidya (just comprehension of home ). Quite simply instructing of Vastu advise us to get selection of land/plot, evaluation of property, plot & construction around the storyline, the slope of this plot, a model of this plot, main door, staircase, septic tank, and boundry wall, master bedroom, childran room, study room along with other household member's area, drawing room, bathroom/toilet, attached toilet, kitchen, living space, Puja room, dining area, patio area, guest room, parking, etc.


Benifit of Residencial Vastu 

These points are a few terms that one can recognize at home.

Ideal way of living: Vastu teaches us the ideal method of living: The individual who resides or works at Vastu Compliant Places are often happy with their environment. They get maximum gains from the Five Components (five components are EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE, and WATER) that will be a lot in character by gravitational power, spiritual energy, solar power, lunar energy, and additionally cosmic forces.


Mental Peace:  that the individual will benefit materially in addition to mentally. It will help to make a stress-free and encouraging environment that contributes to a prosperous life. 


Happiness: Vastu compliance home inspires you and optimizes your effectiveness.


Wellness: A Vastu compliance site can help to Enhances your wellbeing, strength, power and energy.


Prosperity: Vastu Enhances financial achievement. Increase income potential and aids in the profession 


Great relationships: It helps in improving your relationships. Enhances the performance of workers. Creates prospect of growth in business and jobs and an increase in earnings, boost your imagination, skill, and comprehension

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