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Success in Profession

Rs. 2100

Success in Profession: This report is an in-depth study to reveal the real potential of your Career/Profession & the growth you should anticipate in this lifetime. Vedic Astrology mandates to evaluate your Profession/Career. For evaluation in progress in Profession, Our Astrologer will wholly examine in the following references in your Birth Chart/horoscope:

1. Ascendant/Lagna

2. Moon

3. Saturn


The combination of these three points unveils the Profession/Career Strength. It also presents helpful hints on how to achieve success in your professional life. Ascendant/Lagna is your material presence on the universe. It signifies your capacity to carry out your karmas/actions or activities simultaneously with the 10th Bhava/house from the Lagna/ascendant. It provides the level of your ability and attitude.


The Moon signifies your mind and how you observe things and respond to various situations. Therefore evaluating your professional progress from 10th Bhava/house from your Moon Sign is extremely meaningful.


Planet Saturn plays a vital role in material success. Saturn is the planet of industry, hard labour, and hardships. How much you can insist, persist, and grow in your Profession determines by the Saturn. 


Such an in-depth study of your Profession/Career report from Ask Acharya's astrologer team assists you in getting a collective evaluation of your Professional Growth & Success. This report covers career guidance for Profession/career betterment. It is essential to know the Karma (predestined) trends and freewill trends. In moments, one seems stagnated in his Profession, making the same error again and again or stuck with a similar kind of bosses in each job one does. It is like being stuck in a KARMIC cycle. Here the freewill trends can assist you in split this karmic cycle to display some growth & progress professionally. It may be seen from the planetary position appearing in your Birth Chart/horoscope.


This Report reading covers the following -

  1. What is your Profession/Career?
  2. Thoroughly analysis of the depth of your Career/Profession from the Bhava/Ascendant, Moon, and Saturn
  3. Natural Aptitude & skill as per your Birth Chart/horoscope
  4. Whether suited for progress in profession/ Business/ freelancing
  5. Proper areas for success in the profession / offering the least amount of resistance.
  6. The sources of earning i.e., Business, Profession, manufacturing, consulting or sales, etc.
  7. Predictions for the next five years in Profession/Career also include timing of promotion/transfer/problems/setbacks etc.

Ask Acharya's Astrologer team will also suggest remedies for the malefic impact of planets.